Varsity softball mercied by SAMO



Catherine Gagulashvili culture editor
In the rivalry game against Santa Monica on Tuesday, April 18, the girls varsity softball team mercied at the bottom of the fifth inning, losing 10-0.
The mercy rule is when the opposing team is either 20 runs ahead by the third inning or 10 runs ahead by the fifth inning. Sophomore catcher Ava Seccuro realized by the bottom of the fourth inning, when SAMO was up by seven, that her team was probably going to get mercied.
“I think this game went really well compared to all of our other games because defensively it was a lot better than all of our other games,” Seccuro said. “This is a really good team and we just barely got mercied. That was a big win for us in the effort department.”
Securro hopes the team can improve offensively and looks to upcoming games against Hawthorne on April 26, their game against SAMO on May 3 and their game against Lawndale on May 7.
“[Winning those upcoming games] would result in four games won in league, and that’s better than we’ve ever done before,” Securro said.
Third and first basemen Ciara McCarthy thinks that while the team has to work on improving how far they hit the ball and getting on base more frequently, they have already come a long way in improving as a team.
“I don’t like the score, but I liked how we were able to make a bunch of plays and we actually competed versus last game, and we improved a lot,” McCarthy said.
The majority of the team is made up of freshman and sophomores, with only two juniors and two seniors on the team. Because it is such a young team, assistant coach Marla Weiss acknowledges that they have to work hard to improve and are already taking steps in the right direction.
“We have a mantra: get better with every game, improve with every game, improve every day. And I think they’ve been doing it,” Weiss said. “I think they’ve been getting better every day and being, playing more competitive with every game.”
Their next game is on Tuesday, April 24 at Culver City.