6ix9ine trial may be shortened as result of plea deal



Candice Anvari staff writer
After three years of stardom, Tekashi 6ix9ine found himself in a prison cell.  He is currently awaiting the outcome of his trial, in which he pleaded guilty to sex offending, gang assault, the criminal possession of a weapon and narcotics trafficking. In terms of his actions, 6ix9ine does not deserve to be released from prison, even though he’s helping the police. 
However, 6ix9ine has a plan to shorten his sentence with his plea deal. But, 6ix9ine should disregard his plan and stay in prison due to the extremity of his charges and due to the probability that he will be assaulted by the gang members upon his release from prison because he “ratted” them out. 
6ix9ine’s plea deal included helping the police hunt down members of the Nine Trey Gangsters, in which 6ix9ine was previously a part of. On trial, he named members of the gang in order to shorten his sentence, with the plan of going into witness protection upon release.
If 6ix9ine is to be convicted of his charges after his trial, he would be facing a lifetime in prison. Even though the punishment sounds harsh, his actions were too severe to negotiate a fairer punishment. Gang violence should not be seen as “cool” or “popular.” 6ix9ine portrayed gang violence in those ways to society. In his music, he did not seem inclined to hold back lyrics of gun violence. By putting those lyrics out for the world to hear, his music could have potentially had a psychological effect on the teenagers that listen to his music, making them think gun violence was not completely immoral.
His charges are too severe and too extreme to be excused. On October 25, 2015, he presumably slept with a 13-year-old girl and exploited her on social media by posting explicit videos of her. 6ix9ine’s offense to the victim cannot be repealed because he diminished her right to move on from his and her mistakes when he put out the videos for the whole world to see. Sex offending is disgusting, and in no way, shape or form can it be excused because the videos will follow the 13-year-old girl for the rest of her life.
If 6ix9ine’s participation in the Nine Trey Gangsters was minimal and insignificant, he might have deserved a shorter sentence, but that was not the case. He not only admits to crimes he committed while in the gang, but he encouraged the gang behavior in the lyrics of his songs, such as “Gummo” or Kooda.” 
6ix9ine’s decisions were not thought through by himself or others around him. As a result, his actions deserve the proper consequences. Even though non-premeditation is not as severe as premeditation, Six9ine was well aware of his actions when he committed them.
No man who encourages people of all ages that gang activity is “cool” and believes his horrible actions can be excused should be free from prison. If Six9ine is released from prison, it will show teenagers that gang activity and violence can be excused and disregarded, setting a poor precedent for others around him. He made too many mistakes at 23-years-old to go back on them now. It would be for the benefit of everyone if Tekashi Six9ine remained in prison.