Homecoming week updates



Jessica Lu and Alex Menache, staff writers

Monday, Oct. 22

The nominees competed in a circus-themed relay race.  The race began with a  girl from each grade dressing a boy in clown attire: fluorescent suspenders, wacky wigs, white face paint and bright noses.  Juniors Ellie Dubin and Daniel Kahn were the first to finish, giving them a head start in the second round, which was a pie-eating contest.   There was no clear winner, so all grades began bobbing for apples at the same time.  The last leg of the race involved all nominees to form a human pyramid.  Seniors were the overall winners; juniors were runner-up.

Tuesday, Oct. 23

The nominees gathered together to participate in musical chairs.  After each round, three students were eliminated.  In order to make the game more entertaining and difficult, ASB members and the Norman mascot moved around the chairs.  After several ties and rock-paper-scissors games, the competitors boiled down to sophomore Montana McIntyre, juniors Robert Katz and Daniel Kahn and senior Jeremiah Williams.  Katz could be spotted by his straw hat and a picture of Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke on his chest.  The final match between Kahn and Williams involved dancing to “Gangnam Style” and “Teach Me How to Dougie.”
Again, seniors won and juniors took second.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Junior Adam Steinberg participates in the Homecoming dodgeball match versus the sophomores.

On the third day of spirit week, enthusiastic students came out in their PJs to the front lawn at lunch to participate in various games and celebrate pajama day. One of these games was the traditional Dodgeball tournament and the other, Chubby Bunny, which consisted of teams of two students who attempted to fit as many marshmellows in their mouths as they could. Hannah Einbinder and Jeremiah Williams were announced winners of the Chubby Bunny tournament while the team of senior nominees were crowned champions of Dodgeball.

Thursday, Oct. 25

As the fourth day of homecoming week rolled by, students embodied their past selves with “throwback Thursday”, ASB’s own spirited twist on the modern Instagram trend. Students came out to the from lawn during lunch for Normapalooza, an annual fair where clubs, including the Fashion Club and BSU, sell everything from studded shorts and rings, to magnolia banana pudding and crustacean noodles. Good food and treats were not the only reason students flooded the front lawn; Thursday was also Powder Puff, the annual event where football players and cheer leaders switch roles, not only in uniform, but for the front lawn mock football game.