“Imaginary Invalid” to be performed as fall play



Emma Newman staff writer 
Written by Moliere and rescripted by Oded Gross, “Imaginary Invalid” is a French comedic play that revolves around Argon, the old father of two with a gold-digger wife, played by senior Carter Vickers. Argon spends much of the play trying to cure an illness he believes he is dying from, which leads to a variety of comedic storylines.
Vickers enjoys playing his character, and he especially enjoys how the character is not like him. 
“He’s very different from me,” Vickers said. “He’s like an old, angry man and he’s very funny.”
Argon also has a relationship with several other characters in the show, including Toinette, played by junior Jasmine Singer. In fact, Vickers’ favorite scenes are Argon’s interactions with Toinette. 
“I really like the scenes where me and Toinette are alone because our relationship is very fun and because we’re very hostile toward each other,” Vickers said. 
Toinette is a sassy maid who tries to help everyone get a happy ending. Her character, in addition to her scenes with Argon, has some scenes involve her love interest, Beralde. 
“I love the scene between Toinette and Beralde after he confesses his love for her,” Singer said. “I like that scene because it’s a change of character for Toinette. You don’t really see that emotional, loving side, and then she sings her song to him.” 
Singer is a fan of her character, and she loves how she  helps the other characters “get what they want so they can all be happy.” However, her role is not the only reason that she has enjoyed the production process.
“It’s a really funny show,” Singer said. “I love being with other theater kids. I love running the scenes with them. It’s really fun to be with other people who enjoy doing the same kind of thing you do.”
Although the play production process has been fun for some students, the road to the performance has not been perfect. Sophomore and ensemble member Chloe Levine has trouble balancing her school work with play rehearsals, while lead actors Vickers and Singer struggle with memorizing lines. Singer particularly has struggled due to her large role and the length of the play. 
Acting-wise, theater director Kaz Chandler has also noticed some student difficulties, specifically in the slow pace of students responses to their lines. Some of these acting weaknesses have been caused by technology’s prominence in today’s society, Chandler said. 
However, despite the problems that the cast has faced, the show is beginning to improve through the rehearsals. 
 “It feels like we just stepped into the realm of people starting to get that and they’re starting to do some really funny physical stuff and really starting to do some active listening,” Chandler said. 
One of the reasons the cast members enjoyed the production process is the quirky nature of the play, Chandler said. 
“We’re having fun with the idea of people being dressed in tights and frilly shirts, singing something that sounds kind of rock and roll,” Chandler said.
Many students are enjoying putting on the play, but Vickers enjoys being the show’s lead particularly because he is a senior. 
“[I enjoy] just being with the entire cast,” Vickers said. “It’s my last big show and it’s been a lot of fun.” 
The show will be held at the Horace Mann Auditorium at 7:00 on Nov. 14, 15 and 16.