Dance Company auditions go digital


Leia Gluckman staff writer
Dance Company auditions, currently underway, are moving to a digital platform. Students were asked to submit 30-second videos of self-choreographed dances as well as fill out a Google Form about their experience with dance.
Dance Company instructor Dana Findley is working to be “flexible” with students’ needs since all students have “varying sizes of space in their homes.”
Traditionally, the audition process lasts for three days. Students who are in eighth through 11th grade come to the high school and learn two different combinations: one lyrical based ballet and another that is modern/contemporary. On the third day, students usually perform self-choreographed solos for a panel of graduating senior Company members. 
This year the auditions will be broken into three parts. The first part was submitting a self-choreographed solo through a Google Form by this past Tuesday. The second portion will likely be a Google Hangout session with Findley and graduating seniors where applicants will perform a dance choreographed by the seniors. Part three may include an in-person audition before school resumes in the fall.
“I have been looking forward to judging the auditions in person just like seniors do every year,” senior Rebekah Sheff said. “This year we do get to make up a dance to send out, but only a few people will be learning it and not the entire Company.”
The dance “doesn’t have to be perfect because we know that a lot of people have varying sizes of space in their house[s],” Findley said. 
“The hardest thing will be students who are maybe sort of on the cusp of being at the level of Dance Company,” Findley said. Given that a key part of Dance Company is being able to perform as a cohesive group, dancers may need to participate in an in-person audition (part three) at the start of next school year.