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Students dance at homecoming to music put on by Pitbull’s DJ.

Students dance night away at disco homecoming dance

Ruby Matenko, Staff Writer October 15, 2022

The long-awaited homecoming dance finally arrived on the tennis courts on Saturday, Sept. 24. After the homecoming spirit week, pep rally, football game, and all of the generally shared excitement about...

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Singer

Dancer shines through ability to embrace emotion in choreography

Highlights March 8, 2021

Karely Molina Martinez staff writer  From being up on stage performing to behind the scenes choreographing, senior Jasmine Singer embraces her passion for dancing through deep, moving choreography.  Training...

Leia Gluckman plays ukulele with her drawings in the background (left). Photo courtesy of Leia Gluckman. Jenna Weisss cookies (right). Photo courtesy of Jenna Weiss.

Creativity flourishes during the pandemic

Highlights October 24, 2020

Daria Milovanova staff writer  Gina Toore staff writer When COVID-19 hit, reduced social opportunities, coupled with stress and anxiety of having to adapt to the new unusual circumstances, produced a...

Chip Abbott is one of the artists who has spoken at a previous question-and-answer video chat. (Photo credit: Broadway Dance Center)

Dance,  theater co-host question-and-answer videos with performers 

Highlights May 8, 2020

Emma Newman staff writer  Professional performers, all of whom have a musical theater background, participate in question-and-answer videos for Dance Company and theater students.  The sessions, which...

Dance Company auditions go digital

Highlights April 27, 2020

Leia Gluckman staff writer Dance Company auditions, currently underway, are moving to a digital platform. Students were asked to submit 30-second videos of self-choreographed dances as well as fill out...

Dance Company’s annual performance set to occur next week

Dance Company’s annual performance set to occur next week

Highlights January 21, 2020

Leia Gluckman staff writer Dance Company is working to be as prepared as possible for their upcoming performance at the Wallis Theater from Jan. 22 to 24. Returning to their original late January show-date...

Behind the scenes of Dance Companys annual show

Behind the scenes of Dance Company’s annual show

Highlights April 17, 2019

Catherine Gagulashvili copy editor Rinesa Kabashi staff writer The Dance Company has worked hard yearlong to put on their annual dance show at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Watch...

Dance Company member Emilie Gibbions rehearses a new routine. Photo Credits to Jaimson Jacoby.

Dancing her way through the years

Highlights May 15, 2018

Eva Levin cub writer The floor of the dance studio is marked with dents from falls, pirouettes, workouts and the like. One person, though, has made a more metaphorical dent: dance teacher Dana Findley. Findley...

Dance Company prepares for big performance

Dance Company prepares for big performance

Highlights January 13, 2018

Lauren Hannani culture editor  After many hours of practice and rehearsal every day, the annual Dance Company show is finally here. From Jan. 16 to 18, the dancers will be showcasing their two-hour performance...

ASB preps for Winter formal

ASB preps for Winter formal

Highlights December 8, 2017

Rinesa Kabashi  Winter Formal, the capstone to a week full of semester finals, is right around the corner. Formal, of which the theme is “Hollywood”, will be held at the El Rey theatre on Dec. 20...

Dance Company showcases its Wooden values

Highlights February 22, 2017

Ben Dahan staff writer The members of Dance Company showcased their choreographed pieces based on the John Wooden Pyramid of Success on Tuesday, Feb. 21. The dancers took to the small Salter Theater...

Dance Company prepares for annual show

Dance Company prepares for annual show

Highlights January 10, 2017

Lauren Hannani staff writer With new choreography, themes and costumes, Dance Company is preparing to surprise students with a whole new variety of dance for students, from Jan. 11 to 13. These changes...

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