Library staff introduces new virtual library



Nick Kay staff writer
As students are unable to physically visit our school library, the library staff created a brand new website to provide everything they previously could and more. 
Daniel Bradford and Carolyn Dyner, the head librarian and tech librarian (respectively) , stress the importance of staying connected with students during the new pandemic provoked virtual learning experience. 
In previous years, our online library was only accessible through the school’s main website, giving students access to some, but not all of, the resources our current library has to offer. Using the website, Mr. Bradford created the website to provide the students and teachers with books of all genres, databases, textbooks and a live chat feature. Bradford, knowing that “the vast majority of  people access the web through their phone,” made sure to include a smartphone version users can use to access the site in multiple formats.
“The library’s website is basically our only form of contact with a lot of students at home so we wanted to make sure it made sense and students were able to navigate through it very well,” Dyner said.
In the early stages, Dyner worried there was too much information within the website and that it would be confusing to navigate. As they continue to add even more helpful links for students, she is glad she didn’t try to downsize the website.
“Originally I was thinking about how we don’t need this or we don’t need that, but it is nice that there is, for example, a link to NormanAid so students know they can get that link in multiple places if you ever need it.” 
Bradford is especially proud to give everyone at BHHS easy access to their curriculum-based texts and entire textbooks free of charge. 
“[My favorite part is] the online books, because I feel like that is really a direct service, especially the ones I put up for the teachers. For a lot of teachers and students that is a life saver for them because they know they’ve got those books right in front of them whenever they need them,” Bradford said.
After using the databases and downloading books for his English classes, senior Jack Lanzer also spoke on what he enjoys about the more recent additions to the website.
“This year, I have used it for the New York Times subscription…I think it’s a great opportunity and it promotes civil literacy…I [also] think it is great that our school is doing that and more specifically that Mr. Bradford is facilitating it,” Lanzer said.
You can access the Beverly Hills High School Library Website here. The site’s live chat is live Mondays through Fridays, as the 8 AM to 12 PM time slot is covered by Bradford, and Dyner  from 12 PM to 4 PM. Also, you can submit book recommendations you may have at any time of the day.