“Breaking Dawn – Part 2” ends series’ twilight years


Mabel Kabani, opinion editor

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2” , the final installment of the Twilight saga, finally hit theatres Nov. 16 and ended a series that was adored by people, especially teen girls, all around the world.

Viewers such as myself had high expectations for the movie as it concluded what might be one of the most successful and “beloved movie series” for teens, according to a New York Times review.

“‘Breaking Dawn’ was by far my favorite Twilight movie,” junior Paloma Bloch said. “I loved how they changed the movie slightly from the book, but stayed true to the main story line.”

The final installment made $30.24 million on opening night and concluded the success of the movie series. “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth and final book written by Stephanie Meyers, was cut into two parts for the movie in order to capture the full essence of the book without rushing the plot.

The final movie starts off with Bella Swan and her new life as a vampire with her new half-human, half-vampire daughter. She discovers the perks of being a vampire as she runs to chase down mountain lions, jumps off cliffs to catch her prey and intimidates wolves with her strength. However, her happiness is short lived after the Volturi, a clan of somewhat masochistic vampires who have been created to monitor vampires, is after Bella and her daughter.

Though the movie generally stayed true to the plot, there were some technical problems with the film.

“Everyone looked kind of animated,” junior Daeun Lee said. “The effects were too overpowering and made the movie look like a videogame.”

Although the romantic plot and attractive actors entertained the teenage female viewers, critics found themselves disappointed in the movie. Famous review aggregator site “Rotten Tomatoes” gave the movie a 47 percent on the “Tomatometer,” which combines critics across the web. However, a separate section on the site showed that 88 percent of the audience did in fact enjoy the movie.

According to the site, “[Breaking Dawn] was the most entertaining Twilight, but was not enough to make the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ worth watching for filmgoers who don’t already count themselves among the franchise converts.”

Though the reviews of the movie are a mixed bag, “die-hard Twilight fans” seemed to enjoy the final installment.

“It came out only a couple weeks ago but I’ve already seen it twice in theatres!” Bloch said.

As for me, the movie was definitely entertaining and was a good end to a long loved movie franchise.