Celeste Durve becomes spring 2013 ASB president



Dami Kim, social media director
Born in San Diego and raised in Beverly Hills all her life, senior Celeste Durve was elected as spring 2013 school president last Thursday, Jan. 10. Durve describes herself as the “head chick in charge” with a smile on her face, who is “all about getting the job done” in a fun way.
A Horace Mann alumna, Durve joined ASB in her second semester of freshman year, hoping to make a change in the school’s environment.
“I knew coming into highschool, I wasn’t just along for a ride,” Durve said. “I wanted to be the one driving, so I joined ASB.”
Durve started out her ASB career by helping several committees, but she eventually inherited the responsibility to head all spirit assemblies, winter formal and parts of homecoming activities. As a headrow parliamentarian last semester, Celeste helped numerous committees in ASB to work together.“We all work together because it doesn’t matter what your title is when it comes to creating an awesome event,” Celeste said. “Everyone is equal so I think it’s safe to say that I have done every job [in ASB] even if it just means cleaning up after an event.”
Celeste learned to take charge of her life at a very young age in a family with leadership skills.
“My dad owns his own publishing company and my mom, who moved from India alone when she was only 16 [years old], is now a successful director at Paramount,” Celeste said. “Being in this setting benefitted me, and shaped me into the person that I am now.”
Beside what she learned at home, Durve envisions herself becoming a leadership advisor, just like current ASB advisor Loren Newman.
“Being her student for four years showed me what a good leader looks like,” Celeste said. “[ASB students] are comfortable with her and at the same time we respect her very much. She taught us how to be in charge in a fun way, and consequently, we all want to work even harder.”
Celeste plans to improve the atmosphere of junior/senior night and encourage freshmen to participate more in front lawn activities.
“I want Beverly students to know that  they can always reach out to me,” Celeste said. “I love meeting new people and getting a mix of opinions about ASB helps us to improve. If anyone also needs advice, I’m always here to help.”
Celeste is currently in SBAC and several other clubs and committees such as the Career Day committee. She is planning to study communications and PR in college and can not wait to complete her high school career successfully in June.
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