Classes uniquely prepare for WASC visit


Marguerite Alberts, assistant to the graphics editor

With the upcoming WASC visit quickly approaching, many classes are making preparations and changes to make sure that the WASC representatives see Beverly at its finest. While some might be as subtle as a change in schedule, others are more obvious, like teachers rearranging their classrooms. Two classes are working on their own projects.

ASB, for example, has put up signs around the school encouraging students to pick up their trash.

“Campus cleanliness has been a big issue,” ASB member junior Zach Bialobos said.  “It is a new culture we want to instill in the student body. We don’t want them to litter and if they find litter, then just pick it up. It is something that will spread and the posters serve as a reminder.”

After speaking with Principal Carter Paysinger, the ASB students were given the assignment to design three posters.

Something a little less obvious has been prepared in the ceramics classroom.

Melony Bronder has four students doing their own project for the WASC observers. In a showing of Beverly’s artistic achievements, senior Liel Ashkenazi, sophomore Josh Lewis, senior Drew Hershinger and senior Ariella Kaniel are making a total of 10 mugs specifically for the occasion.

“I was throwing some bowls one day after school when all of a sudden Ms. Halimi and some other teachers from a committee came in and started talking to Ms. Bronder,” Kaniel said. “They asked her to make about 10 mugs that say, ‘Go Normans,’ ‘BHHS,’ or something BHHS related.”

Each students has made two mugs. Kaniel designed a crest by using negative and positive space that will be carved into red clay. Because of the type of clay, the end result should be two of the school’s colors, orange and white, making Kaniel’s job a little easier.

“It’s my first time making mugs. I’ve never made a cup with handle so it was a very new experience for me,” Kaniel said.

Fellow sculptor Hershinger used a mixture of red clay and grey clay.

“I like using multiple clay colors instead of having designs,” Hirschinger said.

Hirschinger didn’t feel any unusual pressure for this project despite importance of those receiving the mugs.

“She [Bronder] knows we all make nice work though, so she doesn’t need to pressure us,” Hirschinger said.

The mugs were put into the fire on Monday, glazed and finished by Friday, just in time for the members of WASC to come on Monday March 4.