Girls varsity softball beats Archer



Pasha Farmanara, co-wed editor-in-chief
Girls varsity softball took on Archer, defeating them 2-8 on Wednesday, March 20.

The game was scoreless for the first two innings, but picked up in the third inning.

In the top of the third inning Archer hit an inside-the-park home run into center field to put them up 1-0. In the bottom of the third inning Beverly responded strongly by loading up the bases and going on a hitting spree. The girls earned seven runs in the inning, making the game 1-7 going into the fourth inning.

“We knew what we had to do to respond to their opening run, and after Erica scored the first run the rest of out were able to follow,” second baseman Alex Denton said.

Archer began the fourth inning the same way they started the third, with another inside-the-park home run. Beverly, again, responded with a run of their own, making the game 2-8.

After a scoreless fifth inning, Archer gained a run after an errant pitch by Beverly. Beverly failed to respond in the bottom of the sixth, making the game 3-8. After a scoreless seventh inning, Beverly took the win 3-8 making their record 5-6.

“Even though this isn’t a league game, it is a great confidence booster. We can take this momentum into our league games,” Denton said.

The softball team’s next game is away against Leuzinger High School at 2:30 p.m. The first league matches will begin after spring break.