Boston Marathon- Student reaction



Pasha Farmanara, web co-editor-in-chief

The Boston Marathon bombing has made an influential impact on the people of Boston, and has also played a role in Beverly students lives.

Senior Max Parnia is in his first year at Beverly, after moving here from Boston. He is still honored to be a native Bostonian.

“Being from the Boston area it is definitely upsetting,” Parnia said. “But like anything the hype will soon wear off. As for now I am proud of the city and the proud to be from there.”

Not only has the tragedy affected Parnia’s hometown, it affected many of his friends and family who still live in Boston.

“From what I have heard my friends said it was extremely tense. It is an unusual situation, having an extremely dangerous man, especially when he is right near you,” Parnia said. “I heard it was extremely nerve-racking.”

The bombings have sparked national security discussions, but Parnia feels there will not be much change.

“I don’t believe the tragedy will spark reform as it is hard to restrict bomb-making and full background checks but it will sure set precedents in terms of public security and the watching of suspicious persons,” Parnia said.

Another student, senior Sharon Attia, was visiting Boston University during the city-wide lockdown.

“The city was completely deserted. It was eerie because Boston is usually such a busy city, and there was absolutely no one on the streets,” Attia said. “Even though the shooting was only a few blocks from my hotel I wasn’t really scared, because I knew the police were handling the situation. There was a police car stationed at almost every block.”

Attia was able to experience how it felt to be in the city lockdown, which lasted from early morning, up until six in the evening.

“The people were all well-informed because everyone stayed indoors. Everyone took the lockdown seriously,” Attia said. “Even all public transportation was canceled for the day.”

Having to visit Boston University during the city lockdown was not the best way to be introduced to the school and the city as a whole.

“It was my first time visiting Boston, so it was not the best first impression to say the least,” Attia said.

The city lockdown ended positively in catching the suspect at large, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Authorities have said the Tsarnaev brothers were acting alone, without the help of any foreign groups.