Tony Stark changes face of Iron Man


Marguerite Alberts, assistant graphics editor

Tony Stark is back with his blunt humor, but is changing the face of Iron Man in “Iron Man 3.” This film is the perfect blockbuster to start off the season  and get out of the summer heat. Unlike the last “Iron Man,” the new one is enjoyable and an easy source of entertainment.

In the new film, Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Tony Stark, faces a new type of terrorist who uses a new form of weaponry to carry out destruction: humans. Similar to previous enemies, The Mandarin is an attention-seeking maniac who has a bone to pick with both the U.S. and Tony Stark. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t a few hilarious plot twists involving this new character.

In this movie, the graphics were incredible. The visuals of the film in particular were filled with amazing wide-angled and close-up frames. Furthermore, the colors were beautiful and bright. The explosions were filled with gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges.

As with every Marvel movie, a key component is the technology used by the characters. With each Iron Man film, Tony Stark is working with cooler technology. The virtual visuals he uses are impressive. In this film, he recreates an entire virtual crime scene on the floor of his garage, allowing him to walk through what happened step-by-step.

This film is particularly interesting because of the changes we see in the relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Pots, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. Previously, Paltrow’s character was a supporting role. However, that all changes in this film. Not only is the color of her hair now blonde, Pepper Pots gets to wear the Iron Man mask when roles are reversed and she is saving Tony rather than the other way around.

While it is baffling why it is necessary to make more movies focusing on the individual lives of the heroes after The Avengers came out a little over a year ago, Iron Man 3 is an installment worth seeing. A piece of advice: stay until the end of the credits to see a surprise scene and a closing message.