Science Department adds honors chemistry, Medical Academy course, changes prerequisites for Physics



Dami Kim, culture editor

The science department has decided to expand its curriculum for the 2013-14 school year with more opportunities given to students in chemistry and medical study courses.  The department will now be offering one honors chemistry class and Medical Academy class (solely for students currently in the Medical Science Academy.)

According to Science Dept. Chair Sue Yovetitch, the added honors chemistry course will exist as a middle ground between the regular chemistry class and college level AP Chemistry course.

“We wanted to give more opportunities [for students] to have access to various science classes,” Yovetitch said. “The [science] department is constantly trying to make sure that there is a class suited for everyone at this school.”

In order for a student to enroll in the honors chemistry course, he or she must have completed biology and Advanced Algebra Trignometry, or will concurrently be enrolled in AAT during the course.

Chemistry teacher Lisa Dickens informed students that the course will require significantly more work than the regular chemistry class.

“[The science department] is planning to try out one class of honors chemistry,” Dickens said. “It will be a very rigorous course, designed for the serious math or science student who wants to challenge him or herself with a more demanding college preparatory course.”

Freshman Tristan McIntyre was “more than glad” to enroll in the newly added course.

“With the end of the year approaching, I was really contemplating on what kind of courses to take next year,” McIntyre said. “I know that AP Biology might be really difficult for me so having the option to try out a new subject in the similar rigorous setting is ideal.”

Additionally, regular physics courses will now have the same requirements as regular chemistry courses, broadening physics’ spectrum for students to get involved in the course at an earlier stage in their high school career. According to Yovetitch, students are required to complete algebra, biology and geometry courses before enrolling in a regular physics class. The Dept. recommends that students also take Algebra II either before or during the course.

“We are hoping to see growth in our science curriculum,” Yovetitch said. “It will continue to be our goal to offer courses that will give all of our students proper placement opportunities.”

The rest of the parameters for the changed science curriculum will be finalized this summer.