ASB plans Color Wars week to promote spirit


Mabel Kabani, news editor
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Photographs by: Arman Zadeh, sports editor
Purple! Green! Blue! Red! The week prior to Color Wars, Spirit Week, began on Tuesday, May 28 and was designated by the Associated Student Body (ASB) to increase school spirit, and help “students get pumped for the Color Wars event,” according to Senior Treasurer Savannah Slotkin.
On Tuesday, students wore their grades’ respective colors: red for freshman, blue for sophomores, green for juniors and purple for seniors. Wednesday, May 29 was “Jersey Day” when students dressed to represent their favorite sports teams. The lunchtime activity for that day was the water balloon toss, where ASB handed out Otter Pops and organized a DJ to play during the activity.
“My favorite lunchtime activity was balloon toss,” Slotkin said. “It was a very hot day; it made school feel like a typical summer afternoon.”
Thursday, May 30 was “Pajama Day”, as well as the annual UCLA-sponsored blood drive. The annual Carnival, where clubs sold food and other items to fundraise, and this year’s last dodgeball game occurred on Friday, May 31.
“I think Carnival was the best spirit day,” Junior Representative Adam Steinberg said. “All the events led up to it, and I think students enjoyed the different foods each club brought.”
The actual Color Wars event, which took place on Monday, June 3 at 5 p.m. in the Swim Gym, had “a huge turn out, maybe even more than last year,” according to Slotkin.

Juniors Abbiegayle Levi, Evan Rennie, Kevin Delijani and Yaniv Sadka, along with seniors Itay Gelfer and Mahyar Nourikalouri, all members of the DECA club, grill hot dogs to sell for Carnival.

Games such as limbo, balloon stomp, soccer golf, human pyramid, tennis ball trash can, paper airplane contest, basketball shoot out, tug of war and push ball were played.
Push ball was a favorite game among students due to its unique set of rules and challenging objective. The goal of the game was to kick a giant beach ball to the opposite side of the court; the challenge? All members had to do so while crab-walking.
“My favorite Color Wars event has always been push ball,” Slotkin said. “It’s the longest game, it’s very difficult, and it’s very fun.” All grade levels won at least one event; however, the Senior class narrowly won by 10 points against the Juniors.
“It really felt great to win,” senior Max Parnia said. “I felt like we really collaborated as a grade and had a great time competing in all the events.
According to Steinberg, push ball was the activity that determined the winner of Color Wars.
“It came down to the last event in which the seniors beat the juniors at pushball and took advantage of the score,” Steinberg said. “The prize was bragging rights.”
Steinberg believes that though the purpose of Color Wars is to give the school an opportunity to “bring out school spirit in every grade, while being able to compete,” ASB can do a better job of planning a more organized event next year.
“I think if we had advertised more and had a more spread-out schedule of events it could have easily been better,” Steinberg said. “One problem we had was that many events were scheduled near the end of school, while students had to prepare for finals. Timing was an issue, but I think we can learn from that for next year.”
riel Rafalian and other members of the Senior class jump up in joy as senior Dorsa Mehrannia scores the winning point in the basketball shoot out.

According to Slotkin, this year’s Color Wars event was “very successful”; however, students agreed with Steinberg and felt that this year’s event, as well as the spirit days, were ill-advertised.
“I didn’t know about pajama day until the day after,” junior Paloma Bloch said. “Barely anyone participated in the spirit days, and a lunchtime activity was canceled because of bad planning.”
Though some students disapproved of this year’s Color Wars, junior Arielle Harris enjoyed the attempt at bringing spirit to the school.
“I enjoy spirit days…I like to see how supportive people are of the school and the ‘raw-raw’ spirit,” Harris said.
Although the total revenue made during the entire Color Wars week from both Carnival and the selling of the Color Wars tank tops is currently unknown, ASB is certain the outcome was successful and is excited to improve the event next year.