Tips on writing college essays


Mabel Kabani, news editor

Today is the fateful day; the day that school ends and summer begins for us Beverly students. The minute the clock hit 12:50 p.m., squeals of delight began to echo all across the school, as friends rejoiced and celebrated the end of another hard, stressful year and the beginning of a magical summer break.

As students strolled down the front lawn and hopped into their cars to go on extravagant lunches or to sunny beaches or their warm beds to claim their lost sleep, the idea of a golden summer stretched out before them and warmed their tired spirits.

However, for us newly titled seniors, summer is not quite what it used to be. While we envy our siblings as they pack for summer camps and prepare for eight long weeks of leisure, luxury and laziness, we must make the dreadful virtual voyage to college sites and begin our long search; the college application process begins now.

However daunting the college essay writing process seems, there are three key aspects all college essays must have, and according to a workshop I took last summer, this is all an it really needs.

1. Be an individual

College admissions officers look through thousands of applications and essays on a daily basis; make yours stand out! Sit down outside one day and let the warm sun and light California breeze help you recall moments or people that have helped make you who you are. Try and identify your unique traits, focus in on them, and formulate an outline on that characteristic.


2. Be honest

Many students feel that they can get away with writing heartfelt and emotional college essays in order to have admissions officers feel pity for them and accept them into their college; not a good idea. According to US News tips on writing college essays, admissions officers have had enough experience to find out whether a student is lying or not, and being caught red-handed for making up a story is worse than writing about your actual life.


3. Start early

Starting college essays early and over the summer is the number one tip given by the Beverly graduating class of 2013.

“Be the weird kid who starts all their essays early,” alumnus Ryan Feinberg said. “When school starts, you want to be the kid who has everything done and isn’t crying to sleep every night.”

Starting early won’t only take off the stress and pressure of balancing writing essays as well as keeping one’s grades up, but starting over the summer will also give you more time to plan a better essay and have it revised by a college counselor or tutor.


So though the summer before senior year won’t be quite like those carefree elementary school breaks, make your senior year better, and your college application process slightly easier by following the steps. Have a great summer!