Homecoming spirit week: a week of disco


Ruby Matenko

Sophomore Tali Goldkorn goes all out for Shades Day.

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif

During the week of Sept. 19-23, ASB hosted its second spirit week, and student participation progressed from the last week. Students dressed up in various attires that matched the disco theme of the upcoming Homecoming dance. 

Lineup for spirit week’s themes (Kate Oller)


Senior London Neman and sophomore Nicole Gorbacheva show up to school in athletic gear for Fitness Day. (Shayda Dadvand)


ASB Vice President Leila Abrishami acknowledged students have had a pattern of minimal participation in spirit weeks. 


“It’s no surprise that school spirit is very low at our school,” Abrishami said. “It’s no surprise that we barely see anyone come to our events and our sports games. My hope is in the future there will be a point where we see the entire school participate.”


Abrishami’s dream for school spirit steps closer and closer to reality. This week brought more participation than the last spirit week. The involvement had to do with the themes themselves. For example, Shades Day brought the most student participation as it was easier to dress up for than the other days. Regardless, even one extra person participating is a huge accomplishment.


“For now, seeing people participate, even in the most minimal efforts, is progress,” Abrishami said. “Hopefully we can build upon that, and in the future, we’ll see people take part in events or days that require much more effort.”


Junior Mia Gorlick dresses up in ‘80’s gear for Decades Day. (Shayda Dadvand)


Students such as junior Kiki Hayles contributed to this growth by dressing up for almost every spirit day.


“I just think it’s a fun way to enjoy school,” Hayles said. “It makes school a little more interesting.”


Spirit week means even more than this to Hayles. She went above and beyond and took the themes to heart. 


“[Spirit week] allows me to step out of my comfort zone and be able to express myself in different ways that I don’t normally do,” she said.


Junior Kiki Hayles rocks a tie-dye T-shirt for her favorite theme of the week, Tie-Dye Day. “I love to dress up, and since it was spirit week I felt more comfortable doing so,” Hayles said. (Shayda Dadvand)


Abrishami explained how spirit week is meant to increase student involvement in both Beverly and the community, especially with more and greater events coming this October.


“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up,” Abrishami said. “We’re (ASB) hopefully going to have interactive activities that people can engage in and show their support for people.”


Spirit days are just the first step in engaging the school community. Abrishami said Breast Cancer Awareness is more than that.


She said, “The message behind this is just so great, so much greater than anything like any spirit day could ever show.”