Spirit week kicks off winter formal fun


Kate Oller, Staff Writer

This years spirit week schedule. Graphic made by Kate Oller

From Feb. 12-16, students took part in their annual spirit week to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the upcoming Winter Formal dance. The dance is themed off  a Parisian night.


The spirit week schedule ran Monday through Thursday, since Friday was a Pupil Free day. 


According to ASB President Ashley Jourabchi, spirit week means more than a week of dressing up in fun clothes.


“I would say that the importance of spirit week is to show that Beverly is improving in many ways and students are getting more involved,” ASB President Ashley Jourabchi said. 


Students are becoming more and more involved with school activities. ASB observed that more people had participated in this year’s spirit week than in previous ones. 


Sophomore Jurnee Burrell-Williams dresses in her favorite pair of uggs for “Ugg-ly Love Day.” “I had lots of fun during spirit week. I really liked the themes chosen.” Burrell-Williams said.
Photo by: Kate Oller

To fit the partial Valentine’s theme, ASB held a special event on Valentine’s Day and hosted “Pink and Red Day.”


To fit the Parisian winter formal theme, ASB chose Wednesday (Feb. 15) to be “Mime Day.” Students dressed up in white and black. 


According to Mr. Nick Henggler, Activities Director of ASB, this week’s spirit week was a success. 


Senior Moira Gabrielle Odulio puts on black and white attire for “Mime Day.”
Photo by: Shayda Dadvand

“I would say that this past Winter Formal spirit week was a moderate success. I saw a large number of participants, especially on the last day: Pajama Day,” Mr. Henggler wrote.

Freshman Mia Taylor stays comfy for Thursday’s pajama day.
Photo by: Kate Oller


Beverly’s next spirit week has not been formally planned yet, so stay tuned.