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The Capitol building, as it should be. Safe. Protected. Symbolic. Photo courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol.

Anger. Confusion. Hurt. Embarrassment. January 6.

Highlights January 9, 2021

Eva Levin Copy Editor I’m confused. Yeah, that’s it. Confused. Befuddled. Disoriented. Muddled. After all, it’s not every day you see something so weird and abnormal you start to question an everyday...

Move the Metro

Move the Metro

Highlights September 30, 2018

Mikaela Rabizadeh media editor Catherine Gagulashvili copy editor The underlying purpose of implementing an underground metro system is to generate the most efficient, fruitful transportation system for...

Photo courtesy of Johan Larsson

Don’t sleep on sleep, the scourge of technology

Highlights May 15, 2018

Vivian Geilim opinion editor When I walk down the halls on my way to class, I seldom make eye contact with the students who walk past me. It’s become a norm for me to see the top of their heads instead...

Need for school wide support for girls sports

Need for school wide support for girls sports

Highlights December 23, 2017

Mikaela Rabizadeh social media editor It’s game day. The stands are packed with roaring fans. Cheerleaders rally from the sidelines, heartening the crowd with backflips, roundoffs and catchy fight songs....

Teens use smartphones as social security blanket

Teens use smartphones as social security blanket

Highlights October 2, 2017

Pro Natasha Dardashti staff writer “Teenagers would be more social if it weren’t for their smartphones.” How many times have you heard this statement? While most people see the use of smartphones...

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Uncertainty continues to rise in Donald Trump’s first 100 days

Highlights May 1, 2017

Vivian Geilim opinion editor DISCLAIMER: I am a liberal. When I last wrote about Donald Trump in November, it solely revolved around his ineptitude to fit into the esteemed position of president of the...

Congressman Ted Lieu, keynote speaker of Career Day 2015, waves to spectators at the Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade in 2014. Not pictured: People who skip Career Day, because they do not become successful congressmen. Photo contains no modifications and is owned by mark6muano. (Creative Commons/Flickr).

Care about Career Day

Highlights March 29, 2016

Nirav Desai, staff writer As Career Day nears, it becomes all too common to hear ambivalent Normans griping about not wanting to waste a day at school and instead daydreaming about eating brunch at Toast...

Not so krazy for Kylie

Highlights October 11, 2015

Vivian Geilim, staff writer Sydney Tran, staff writer For the average American teenager, turning 18 is accompanied by many liberties. These new rights include being seen as an adult in the eyes of the...

No one should be ashamed of their choice of music, regardless of age, gender, or style.

One should not be shamed for his/her music choice

Highlights September 28, 2015

Natasha Dardashti staff writer Here’s a concept: The sense of superiority you feel when someone tells you they adore Katy Perry, while you listen to Pink Floyd, is just an addition to the ridiculous...

No one has the right to vote on our civil liberties

Highlights November 30, 2012

Benjamin Hannani, spotlight editor From Nov. 30 print edition Recently, Beverly seniors had the opportunity to vote in the November election, which included propositions. Civil liberties may not have been...

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