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Netflix reality show ‘The Circle’ proves to be a great social media analogy

Highlights May 29, 2021

Defne Onal staff member  Following a year of Zoom fatigue, virtual friend meetings, and a life confined to screens, “The Circle” should have been traumatizing to watch. Even still, it proves to...

Social Media is Damaging to Personal Relationships

Social Media is Damaging to Personal Relationships

Highlights May 1, 2021

Teens tend to communicate across many different social media platforms.  Our phones are often the first thing we touch when starting our day. Over 35 percent of people use their phones first thing...

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TikTok addiction palpable among users

Highlights April 6, 2020

Candice Anvari staff writer TikTok is overwhelmingly the most popular social media platform among teens, but the app’s addictive propensity is a downside to its mind-boggling success. If the app were...

TikTok stars use videos to express themselves, be original 

TikTok stars use videos to express themselves, be original 

Highlights April 2, 2020

 Emma Newman staff writer For the last two years, TikTok has emerged as the world’s newest social media platform. As the use of the app has grown, TikTok users’ popularity has also risen, some of...

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Break from social media during quarantine brings happiness

Highlights April 1, 2020

Candice Anvari staff writer Taking a break from social media seems like an impossible task to a social media addict like myself. This week, I chose to delete all my social media apps to see what effect...

Teenage narcissism increases through usage of social media

Teenage narcissism increases through usage of social media

Highlights October 16, 2019

Candice Anvari staff writer Through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other platforms, this generation has lost themselves in a social media frenzy. Teenagers should not be so enraptured by their devices...

Photo of last Fridays Climate Strike taken by co editor-in-chief Ava Seccuro

Amazon Rainforest fires spur environmental activity

Highlights September 27, 2019

Leia Gluckman staff writer In light of the fires destroying the Amazon Rainforest, many students took to social media to raise awareness of the disaster. While some do resort to social media, 82 out of...

What to expect when being political on social media

Highlights January 25, 2017

Veronica Pahomova co-editor-in-chief Social media. What once began as platforms for sending mass messages of funny cat videos have quickly evolved into outlets for political opinions. The election season...

Highlights highlights Highlights

Highlights highlights Highlights

Highlights February 26, 2016

Nirav Desai staff writer Jamie Kim staff writer Keith Stone staff writer The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and CNN are just some of the household names that provide a daily influx of news for readers...

Students use social media to build blogs

Highlights April 22, 2015

Lucas Harward, staff writer The sphere of social media is rapidly expanding. People can create social media pages or profiles for something they are interested in, post enjoyable articles or pictures for...

Norman perceptions of social media

Highlights March 26, 2015

Evan Minniti cub writer Through the rise of the smartphone, social networking sites have had a huge impact on America’s teenage population. According to a recent Nielsen survey, 58 percent of American...

Technology steals time and focus from students

Highlights September 29, 2014

Eleanor Bogart-Stuart, staff writer Celine Rezvani, staff writer Marty Schnapp, staff writer Karen Shilyan, business manager Ben Shofet, staff writer Hunching over square metallic tablets, many of the...

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