Dance Company prepares for annual show



Lauren Hannani staff writer
With new choreography, themes and costumes, Dance Company is preparing to surprise students with a whole new variety of dance for students, from Jan. 11 to 13.
These changes come naturally, as new Dance Company advisor Chrissie Leong has not only brought a new teaching style to the class, but has also passed on some diverse dance knowledge to her students as well.
“It’s a brand new experience. She has a different style, which is how I got help on my Bollywood piece because she knows Bollywood,” junior Liza Freiberg said. “Besides the new style, she brought a new mindset and focus. We work a lot more on the performance aspect, such as energy and faces.”
The show is expected to feature a variety of dances, from Bollywood to musical theater.
“I really like the dances this year. They’re more diverse, and there’s more of hip hop and a variety of ballet mixed with jazz,” senior Lital Mizrahi said. “Expect to be seeing a whole new world of dance. We have different cultures, different styles, different costumes; it’s something we’ve probably never done before and is definitely different from other years.”
The dances are not the only thing to change this year. Instead of taking place at the Wallis Annenberg Performing Arts Center like last year, Dance Company is set to perform at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center.
“I really hope that it doesn’t discourage people from coming since it is farther than where Dance Company has had their shows in the past,” junior Mila Hubschman said. “It’s going to be an amazing show and a fun way to take a break from homework and studying!”
Many students are excited to attend the show and see their friends and classmates showcase some of their favorite dance styles or musicals.
“I’m super excited because they’re doing a dance to my favorite song from Glee, ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ from Hairspray, the musical,” sophomore Adora Dayani said. “I’m also looking forward to how the theme of ‘around the world’ is going to be represented in each dance. I 100 percent support the arts despite how far the location to a performance is, and would not miss the opportunity to support my classmates no matter what.”
With all of these new additions and features, the dancers are excited for their classmates to see all of the dances they have been choreographing and working on since August.
“Even if you don’t like dance, it’s something that you will enjoy to watch [sic], especially since we work really hard and we want you guys to see all our hard work,” Mizrahi said. “You will not fall asleep in your seats; you will be watching the whole time. It’s going to be something amazing.”