Josh Glass supports sister-in-law’s ventures in American Idol


Glass and Hirsh in Cabo San Lucas over New Year's break

Adam Rosenberg-Wolf, Cub Writer
Josh Glass, algebra and statistics teacher, recently had his sister-in-law, musician Jen Hirsh, sing on reality singing competition American Idol.
“We were incredibly supportive of Jen being on American Idol,” Glass enthusiastically said.
Hirsch unfortunately got kicked off the show as a semifinalist.
“There was a bad vibe in the class when we found out Jen was kicked off the show,” freshman Deon Ghantani said.
Glass was very supportive of his sister-in-law throughout the ordeal, telling anyone he could to vote for Hirsch by text or phone call.
“As soon as the voting lines opened we called as many times as possible. Some of our friends voted 500 times, and both of my grandmas even made it to the phones to vote.” Glass said.
Hirsch’s boyfriend made custom t-shirts that all of her supporters wore around town and also to the taping of her national broadcasted performance.
Hirsch performed many famous hits like “One and Only” by Adele and “Oh! Darling” by The Beatles. Well liked by many of the fans and judges, it was a surprise Hirsh got eliminated so early into the show.
After the elimination, Hirsh wanted to focus on what she did best, singing. Hirsh, who is a native of Los Angeles, performs at local clubs in the area. Performing genres such as indie, pop, and even to soul, Hirsh looks to get back to her normal job and do what she loves doing.
Hirsh release her album “Myself in Two” on ITunes which was influenced by folk, soul, jazz, funk and pop music.
After being eliminated twice on American Idol, Hirsh is skeptical about making another comeback. On her first performance, Hirsh did not make the final cut, but knew she wanted to come back again and redeem herself in front of her large fan base.
Glass feels very close to Hirsh and will be there for her again if she does make a second comeback this upcoming season.