Faculty changes made for next year


Guy Ginsberg co-editor in chief
Eleanor Bogart-Stuart staff writer
Evan Minniti staff writer
The sweeping changes that Beverly will face next year doesn’t stop with the construction nor the bell schedule, but will be seen through personnel changes as well. Many teachers and faculty members will not be returning next year, and faces from
“We were over-staffed. We have a new college counselor [to take place of Dean of College Admissions Ah Young Chi] and two assistant principals to replace Ms. Cobb and Mr. Brown that we hired. Mr. Brown is going to be the new athletic director replacing Ms. Szeremeta,” Principal Dave Jackson said. “We are in the process of hiring a drama teacher, a math teacher, a biology teacher, a Spanish teacher, a senior attendance clerk because Margo is retiring, some custodians… and many other things are also going changing.”
The most notable changes in personnel will be seen at the vice principal level, as each one of the current vice principals will not be returning to the same position next year. House C vice principal Michelle Dar, will become the principal of Hawthorne Elementary School.
“We ended up with the opening, and Mr. Brown has done a really good job as assistant principal and he has a huge athletic background. He figured becoming athletic director would help the school overall. We are happy he has done that and we have hired another assistant principal,” Jackson said.
Replacing Cobb will be Luke Pavone, and replacing Brown will be Phil Wenker, a former assistant principal at Jackson’s former school, Malibu high school. A replacement AP for Dar has not been hired yet.
“As hard as it is to leave BHHS, this is an amazing opportunity for me professionally and personally. Hawthorne was also my alma mater and has a very special place in my heart. When the position at Hawthorne was [opened] in April, I was excited at the opportunity to grow and challenge myself in a new position,” Dar said.
Although she is excited for her new position at Hawthorne, she leaves Beverly with great love and sentiment.
“I love everything about Beverly – the students, the staff, the spirit… I can’t narrow it down to one memory, but I will definitely miss coming here everyday. I’m most excited about working with the dedicated staff and young learners. I hear nothing but wonderful things about the Hawthorne family,” Dar said.
Former English teacher and ASB teacher Mark Mead. According to Jackson, Mead, who will be heading to Burbank High School to serve as their new vice principal, took advantage of a great opportunity.
“I think Mr. Mead is a huge loss for us, but it is a great opportunity for him. He drives that motorcycle, which scares the heck out of me, for an hour just to get here. He doesn’t have to drive a motorcycle to the place he is vice principal. He is only about 20 minutes away from Burbank High. He is close to home, only five minutes from his son’s school. He has really got a great opportunity,” explained Jackson.
Also leaving is Dean of College Admissions Ah Young Chi, who will be moving to Hong Kong with her family. Her replacement is Casey Rowley, College and Career Counselor from Jackson’s former school, Malibu High.
“Beverly has a comprehensive college counseling program that allows students to explore their interests, goals, wants and needs throughout the college admission process. I see myself guiding students throughout that process,” Rowley said. “College counseling is something that doesn’t have to be intimidating or put off until senior year. It is something that can be navigated through appropriately and confidently throughout the process. I wanted to come to Beverly to help guide students, assist the school and continue a dynamic college counseling program, which is something that is pivotal to the college admission process. I cannot wait!” Rowley said.