ASB preps for Winter formal



Rinesa Kabashi 
Winter Formal, the capstone to a week full of semester finals, is right around the corner. Formal, of which the theme is “Hollywood”, will be held at the El Rey theatre on Dec. 20 from 7p.m. to 10 p.m. Students with an ASB card can buy their tickets at the price of $45, and $60 without an ASB card.
Community Outreach Commissioner Rachel Galen planned formal first semester, from rental fees all the way to food and drinks.
“ASB was able to get the awesome venue with a more spacious upstairs, downstairs space and a visible dance floor. The venue is overall a great atmosphere to be in,” Galen said.
ASB has catered from Lemonade as for food and with an additional one drink of choice. Additional drinks, besides water, are going to have to be purchased by the individual, but again are providing unlimited water. In terms of decorations, ASB has a couple of surprises in store for the students to see.
“To some extent the theater itself is a decoration because it fits the Hollywood theme, but we will have several other decorations and a photo booth,” Galen said.
This being ASB director Jennifer Goolsby’s second year working on formal, she believes from the responses from last year that this year will be a success.
“The greatest thing for me last year was listening to kids tell their friends,‘But I’m not ready to leave yet, I’m having fun, I want to dance longer.’ That’s what it’s all about,” Goolsby said. “Last year, the party buses were coming so early for pick up and kids were still having a good time. I love that!”