Girls varsity soccer celebrates win against SAMO



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
After eight years of losing to Santa Monica High school, girls varsity soccer won 3-2 during overtime against the Santa Monica Vikings on Monday, Jan. 28.  Along with their win, they celebrated senior night and accomplished their goal to reach the playoffs.
“The feeling is not describable. To know that in my last year at Beverly we were able to accomplish something so big is priceless to me, and it’s something I can never forget. Not only did we do it for ourselves and our team, but we did it for our coaches and our school,” forward Ashley Heravi said.
Co-captain Kayla Shadgoo was proud of her team making it to playoffs especially as a senior. She has recognized the growth of her team over her four years. Shadgoo was especially blown away by Heravi’s goal.
“My favorite part of the game was when Ashley Heravi scored a golden goal in overtime and moments after everyone tackled her to the ground,” Shadgoo said.
Senior Lauren Stein, who has been a part of the soccer program for four years, could not have imagined a better senior night.
“Playing one of the last games in my life is super sad. My team all made us nice posters and made all the seniors feel so loved. I will miss the girls most and just knowing I have them to go to when I’m happy, sad or just need people to talk to,” Stein said. “Going to soccer takes all my stress away and is by far the best part of my day, every day.”
Heravi’s night was a mix of emotions from scoring the winning goal to celebrating her last year with her teammates, who she has created an unbreakable bond with on and off the field.
“I hope to play with heart. I’ve come a long way and after four years of hard work, sweat and dedication, I’ve made it to where I want to be. For for the rest of the season, I hope to play with everything I have,” Heravi said.
Shadgoo hopes that the team accomplishes their goal of winning league at their next away game on Wednesday, Jan. 29 against the Culver City Centaurs.
“I hope my team puts in all their focus and effort into every game, but especially against Culver,” Shadgoo said. “I hope they don’t give up until the last whistle is blown.”
Their next home game is on Wednesday Feb. 6 at 3 p.m.