Girls varsity soccer remains undefeated after tie with SAMO


Picture Credits: Aasha Sendhil


Candice Anvari staff writer
Tension, excitement and adrenaline were all palpable as the girls varsity soccer team went up against the Santa Monica Vikings (7-5-1) during their Ocean League game on Friday, Jan.16. The Normans and the Vikings tied 3-3, meaning the Normans were able to continue their undefeated streak of the season. 
As the Normans and Vikings were both tied for first in the League, this match would determine who would be on top. The tie game still leaves the team in a tie for number one in league. The match was filled with intensity as both the crowd and the team members on the sidelines shouted their support to encourage the Normans to keep pushing. 
The Vikings scored the first goal during the middle of the first half. Defense senior Emmerson Hayes was able to counter the goal by scoring eight minutes later. During the second half, the Vikings scored, but midfield and defense senior Angela Bradbury scored one minute later. Bradbury’s goal sparked a profound reaction among the crowd as they cheered and hugged one another. During the last five minutes of the match, the Vikings scored a goal. With two minutes left in the match, midfield and striker junior Esther Goldberg scored for the Normans, leaving the final score 3-3.  
The tie could not be broken, even after going into overtime. Both teams congratulated one another in the end and the Normans were able to continue their winning streak. 
Head coach Ryan Franks expected a very competitive match. 
“I have so much respect for Santa Monica and I love the rivalry. I’m going to miss having them in the league next year, but we’ll still play them in the pre-season,” Franks said. “I’m expecting a really competitive and hard fought match against them today though.” 
Similar to Franks, the feeling of rivalry was not lost among his players. Schwartz believed it was one of their “craziest” matches of the season. The feeling was mutual between Schwartz’s teammate senior Celine Albarian. 
“The game was amazing. We made three amazing comebacks. They’re our rivals and it was a really good, intense and competitive game against them,” Albarian said. “We definitely stepped it up from our last game.” 
In comparison to previous games, Schwartz believed this game was different because of the “rush of the moment.” 
“In our previous games we’d win in overtime,” Shwartz said. “In this game we went into overtime as well, but we’d go down by a point and then we’d come right back up.”  
The team’s next match is an away game on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 3 p.m. against the Culver City Centaurs (3-1).