A girl’s take on fantasy football

A girls take on fantasy football


Sadie Hersh co-editor-in-chief
In the frenzy of football season, it seems that most guys are worried about their fantasy league and if they have the players to make up a winning team, while most girls I know worry less about the teams and more about their own fantasies of the boys who make these teams.
There are some girls who keep up with certain football teams and may even be in a fantasy league of their own, I, on the other hand, have no clue about football or the concept of the fantasy league.
With a limited amount of football knowledge, there is a four-month stretch during which I wish  I could understand the game in order to be a part of conversations that sound like an entirely different language to me. The draft, trades, wins, losses and professional football players’ names that are the continuous topic of discussion tend to go over my head to the point where I simply zone out.
How many times have you been sitting in class and a group of guys have been arguing about their trades and upcoming games? Or, standing on the second floor patio during nutrition and a boy is too busy on his ESPN or NFL fantasy app to carry on a conversation?
I have been in this scenario too many times to count, and I’m sure I’m not alone.
As for all who share my opinion on this situation, if we actually knew the lingo, learned the strategies and paid attention when people talked about their fantasy teams, we could not only be a part of the discussion but could potentially sabotage the league.
Terms like handcuff, snake draft, flier and waiver hawk may seem unfamiliar, but if you understand what they mean you can join the conversation. NFL.com has a glossary specifically for fantasy leagues to make these weird terms translate to something everyone can understand.
By the time we figure out all of the terms, plays and rules, the season will be close to over, but have no fear; we will be just in time for the beginning of fantasy basketball!
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