Spooky music to get in the Halloween mood


Eleanor Bogart-Stuart, staff writer
Everything is better with a little music. Before you go trick-or-treating tonight, make sure to set the ambience with this eclectic bunch of Halloween tunes.
1. Dracula’s Wedding- Outkast ft. Kelis
Anyone who wants to get funky this Halloween should turn this song on to full volume. Although neither Outkast nor Kelis bring to mind ideas of a pumpkin or witch, they come together on this 2003 track to make a perfectly spooky, offbeat love song. “I’ve waited my whole life to bite the right one,” croons Andre 3000. It’s a surprisingly satisfying take on the usual Halloween ditty.
2. Spooky Scary Skeletons- Andrew Gold
“Spooky Scary Skeletons” would be unknown if it had not been turned into an internet sensation thanks to trap remixes like this. The original lyrics and song were created by Andrew Gold, but his version is much slower and laid back. It’s success is surely due to its oddly sweet lyrics, which describe skeletons as silly “bags of bones” who “only want to socialize.” No matter what version you prefer, it always manages to get the Halloween juices flowing.
3. Beetlejuice-Main Titles/End Titles- Danny Elfman
What better way to get in the Halloween spirit than with the classic “Beetlejuice” theme song? Legendary composer Danny Elfman creates the perfect Halloween atmosphere with this lively orchestrated piece. “Beetlejuice” is one of many seminal spooky pieces that Elfman has composed. He’s composed for movies like “Goosebumps”, “Frankenweenie” and “The Corpse Bride”.
4. House of 1000 corpses- Rob Zombie
Be warned: this song is only for the hardcore. If the name Rob Zombie hasn’t scared you off already, then lyrics like “she got a corpse under her bed, she had her fun but now he’s dead” should do the trick (or treat). The song is gory and scary and totally awesome. Zombie’s entire catalog could technically all count as Halloween songs considering their usually gruesome subjects. If you like “1000 Corpses” you should also check out “Dragula” and “Living Dead Girl”.