TAW “One Acts” show variety of unique plays



Emma Newman staff writer
TAW’s One Acts, performed on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at Theater 40, showcased four different comedic plays. This was a different style from how most other theater plays have been set up in the past.
“Since [the one acts] were so short, the actors could spend more time developing their characters and adding as much into each scene as possible,” junior Jasmine Singer, who played a role in two different plays, said.
The first play, titled “I Don’t Want to Talk About IT,” consisted of many different humorous monologues told by twelve different actors. This play culminated in the suicide of its main character Kyle, played by junior Reagan TungFong.
The second play was called “This Play is About Pirates,” which was about an aspiring pirate named James, played by senior Josh Tracy.  The plot is about James giving up his girlfriend to be a pirate and it is told by James’ future self, Captain Jim, played by senior Seena Khoshbin.
The third play, “Stressed,” was about the different forms of stress that four students have. This stress was caused by romances, parents, school and sports.
The last play, “Soap Opera,” was about a romance between a man called Repairman, played by junior Parsa Farnad, and his washing machine, played by junior Emma Griffes. Other supporting characters included Maitre’D, who was played by senior Carter Vickers.
“I really loved the show we did, Soap Opera,” Vickers said. “I’d never done such a show like that at Beverly and it was a great experience coming up with character quirks and comedic bits with my cast mates and director.”
To see the images from the event, watch the photo slideshow below.