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MSA volunteers at UCLA hospital

Lauren Hannani staff writer Starting next month, the Medical Science Academy (MSA) will be given the chance to volunteer at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for the second year in a row. However, this time, UCLA is offering the class a program created exclusively for MSA students. Last year, students could volunteer at the […]

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Westfield’s Century City mall modernizes, revitalizes after renovations

AJ Wolken staff writer After more than four years of construction, Westfield Century City mall will finish renovations this fall. Westfield spent more than $955 million to increase the mall to over 1.3 million square feet and it was worth every penny. The mall looks to be completely revitalized, with tons of new stores and […]

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Season series: Varsity Football Ep.1

Priscilla Hopper  video/audio manager Sophia Goldberg sports editor Jamie Kim co-editor-in-chief AJ Wolken staff writer EPISODE 1: COACHES Football’s Head Coach Steve Geanakos and Assistant Coach John Johnson explain their goals for the season. “Success can be measured in a bunch of different ways, hopefully that translates into some wins because these kids deserve some […]

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Second phase of construction expected to be underway

Ben Dahan news editor Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief Max Yera co-editor-in-chief With the first demolition-based stage of construction finished, the next phase, taking place on the first and second floor of the main building, as well as the K.L. Peters auditorium, is scheduled to resume after graduation. Currently the architectural plans for the actual construction phase […]

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Students use Crash Course as learning tool

Lauren Hannani staff writer Studying methods can be different for everybody. Rereading the book, taking practice tests and reviewing notes have always been common ways to study before a test. But recently, students have been using another resource to help them cram before a big exam: Crash Course. Made by different YouTubers, such as John […]

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Club interacts with community through service, field trips

Lauren Hannani staff writer Although social media is a popular base for networking among teenagers, the Interact club members network with others by attending annual community events and activities every year.  The club, which has been at the high school for decades, works closely with the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills to contribute to citywide […]

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“24:Legacy” exhilarates with fresh take

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief “24: Legacy” brings back all the nostalgia of the original gritty action drama, while also introducing a slate of fresh new characters and plot. “24” is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest action shows of all time. It had everything: multiple plots with fascinating characters, heart-stopping action, and a protagonist deeply […]

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Students in the industry: musicians on the rise

Sam Bernstein, staff writer Lauren Hannani, culture editor Last year, most students knew him as that guy from class. Now, people from all over the country  know him as Young Pari$, a young rapper whose music they can find on Youtube and SoundCloud. As a new “recording artist trying to make it big,” Phillip Billups, class of […]

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Struggle for voting rights

Ben Shofet co-editor-in-chief   Since 1789, the United States has expanded the voting rights of its citizens. Following the Civil War, African-Americans gained the right to vote with the passing of the 15th Amendment. After years of fighting, women gained the right to vote with the passing of the 19th Amendment. And most recently, with […]

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SLIDESHOW: Juniors prevail at Junior-Senior night

AJ Wolken staff writer After an epic night of food, games and fun, the juniors earned the victory at ASB’s annual Junior-Senior night. The two grades battled each other in various events such as musical chairs, tug-of-war and dodgeball. It was a tight competition and came down to the last event, the three-point shootout, where the juniors beat […]

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