Board of Education implements new admin changes


Audrey Park, staff writer
Braden Bochner, staff writer
The Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD) Board of Education currently has two open positions to fill for high school assistant principals due to the retirement of House C Assistant Principal Toni Staser, the resignation of House B Assistant Principal Regina Zurbano and the non-renewal of House A Assistant Principal Amy Golden’s contract.
“As a result of a retirement, a resignation and a non-renewal of a contract, Beverly has three open assistant principal positions to fill, one of which we filled with Michelle Halimi,” Superintendent Gary Woods said.
Woods gave an overview of the Board’s next steps.
“We have over 80 applicants for the other two open positions,” he said. “We will interview top candidates and hopefully complete the process in June.”
Although the change may currently present a challenge, Woods is “very confident” that the district will be successful in filling in each of the remaining spots by selecting a “top candidate.”
“We are always looking for ways to improve the way we deliver our educational program at BHHS,” Woods said, also adding that “the new assistant principals will bring new energy and possibly new ideas.”
As a current board member, Lewis Hall hopes to be successful in driving Beverly into a more positive direction for the subsequent years.
“I strive to make positive changes that will move Beverly to the forefront of academic excellence. [This] will help admit its students to the best colleges and universities and that will make the school a beacon for other schools to emulate,” Hall said in a description of his goals.
Junior Cathie Leon believes that having Halimi as an assistant principal next year will have a positive impact on the school environment.
“I personally do not think that we need three vice principals in this school. We just need one assistant principal that knows who we are and can talk to us,” Leon said.
She also saw an added benefit in having a previous teacher, one who has taught at Beverly for several years, take on the administrative role.
“It’s good that one of the principals is going to be a teacher because she knows how we act and what we want to change. She can relate to us.”
Although Zurbano decided to resign after the spring semester ends, she said she is “proud” of the work she has done at Beverly this year.
“Though I made the decision to resign, I wish the school, its students and their families and the staff much continued success as our paths diverge and I move forward in my career,” Zurbano said.
Zurbano also expressed gratitude for the experiences she was able to have as an administrator during her year here.
“I thank the Board of Education and the district administration for the opportunity that I was given this year to work here as a site administrator at Beverly,” she added.
Despite the current circumstances, Golden can say that she has loved the time she spent at Beverly.
“I will cherish the relationships I have formed with faculty, students and community members,” Golden said.
The board has yet to select possible candidates for the remaining positions for the 2014-2015 school year.