Boys varsity volleyball falls to Windward School



Sadie Hersh co-editor-in-chief
The boys varsity volleyball team fell to Windward School in their first game of the season on March 8 at the opposing school. The team was defeated in three sets.
This losswill help the team see where it needs improvement. Middle Elliot Labib felt enthusiastic about the team’s match.
“I felt excited to get back into the groove of playing, and I was ready to give it my 100 percent effort until the end,” Labib said. “We can improve in communication, and other basic skills like serving, blocking and passing better, but that all comes with more practice and I’m sure we’ll get much better.”
With a new coach, alumna Evan Bennet, the team still needs to get accustomed to new coaching methods, and also have another former Beverly graduates to help the team embark on this season.
“It’s always tough with a new coach coming in because as returning players we feel like the new coaches often don’t know how we like to play and our tendencies and they need to observe that before helping us,” setter Sean Taghdis said. “We also, as a bonus, are lucky to have Lucas Wohl who graduated two years ago come to our practices and help us too. Guy [Ginsberg] and Ohry [Moosiki] have also taken over as mentors to new players.”
Taghdis is hopeful about the coming season and wants the sport will capture the attention of the student body.
“I hope the volleyball team gains more school interest, that way more people learn the sport and try out, and the team can grow, kind of looking to change the culture that volleyball is a girl sport,” Taghdis said. “Guys break fingers going for blocks, and it’s not rare to have bruises all over your hips and knees that you discover the next day because of diving for the ball.”
The team is confident about their coming season, with their next game on March 15 at Lawndale High School.