Graduation night held at Universal Studios



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
For years graduation night (a time when the senior grade comes together and enjoys a night at the park along with other high schools), was held at Disneyland.  Instead of Disneyland,” this year’s senior class will be going to Universal Studios.
ASB tried compromising to hold it at California Adventure since it is attached to Disneyland. ASB decided to go with Universal because it was more in the price range and California Adventure’s south side pier would be closed, which meant barely any rides.
“We definitely get a lot more bang for our buck at Universal,” plus a huge concert from [EDM Artist] Marshmello. I think a lot of people are generally excited and already bought their ticket, which is amazing,” ASB Head Row President Maia Yosef said.
Students had mixed reactions about the change but senior Yaron Abgin specifically, was shocked to find out the news.
“I am mostly annoyed that it had to change my senior year,” but on a brighter side I think as long as the special DJ is good and we are in an area where we can go crazy with all of our friends, it will be just as fun,” Abgin said.
As much as senior Sabrina Chung loves Disneyland she doesn’t mind the fact that it isn’t being held there.
“We are seniors, high school is coming to an end. It’s not about where you are that night, it’s about being with the people who you love.”