Career chats connect students with professionals 



Emma Newman staff writer 
To connect with 20 different Beverly Hills professionals, students are attending online career chats, hosted by the Career Center. During these chats, representatives of different career paths, from real estate to stem cell research, talk to students for 30 minutes about their  respective career journeys. 
CTE coordinator Cindy Dubin, who organized the career chats, created the career chats to build onto March’s Career Day. When the “stay-at-home” order was put into place, she made these chats, which usually have one to 30 members in attendance, into virtual sessions. 
“I reached out to [people] as a way for them to talk about their college and career journey and how…they are doing what they are doing today and the traits and skills they think people should have in order to be happy and successful in their particular field,” Dubin said. 
In these chats, students are able to ask questions about these different careers and learn practical skills. 
“I think that any time you can gather information on different career paths [and] get wonderful interview tips, things that are just great little pearls of wisdom because the speakers are so engaging and can relate, those things will stick with you,” Dubin said. 
Junior Jasmine Amin, who has attended every career chat so far, sees these career chats as an “amazing” opportunity that she wouldn’t normally get. 
“There is a very broad scope of people with different professions, and even if someone doesn’t necessarily have the profession that you’re interested in, you’re able to ask questions and you’re able to learn about them as a person and hear their experiences,” Amin said. 
She also appreciates these video chats because of their ability to help high school students figure out what career they want to pursue. 
“People have an idea of what they want…but a lot of people don’t even know what they want to do yet,” Amin said. “Being able to hear from people and see what their lives are like with that profession and hearing from different people is a really nice opportunity to figure out what you want to do.” 
Dubin sees the chats as not only a way for students to learn more about careers, but also as a way for students to learn skills necessary to be successful, such as “being flexible, being adaptable, [and] being on time.”
“On all levels, kids have been able to gather just wonderful either practical, philosophical perspectives on fascinating things that people end up doing,” Dubin said. 
Dubin is especially excited about these career chats because of how much those who are participating appreciate them. 
“It’s just been wonderful. It’s just been fabulous and [I’m] really excited about the reactions on both sides,” Dubin said. “The speakers have thoroughly enjoyed it, and the students usually…are really enjoying it.” 
To join these sessions, contact Cindy Dubin ([email protected]) to receive a Google Meet invite.