New ASB representatives win through strategy, ideas for next year



Emma Newman staff writer 
Leia Gluckman  staff writer 
ASB representatives for the 2020-2021 school year, with the positions of Junior President and Senior Treasurer being decided through run-off elections, were officially announced on May 23.
 Many of the winning candidates, who are listed in the chart, credit their wins to the use of social media and a continuous dedication to winning. Other candidates ran unopposed, which allowed them to win easily.  
Sophomore President Ashley Jourabchi thinks she won because of her passion for the students and school. Senior Class President Michael Newman credits his win to his classmates’ knowledge of his commitment to leadership.
Newly elected Junior Vice President Eli Ramer also believes he won due to his effort to represent the student body. 
“I put more effort into the campaign itself,” Ramer, the rising junior, said. “I really just wanted this position because I wanted to represent the students who are my classmates, and I wanted to give them someone who could represent them well, and I believe that I can do that.” 
Ramer’s ideas were enforced by his successful social media presence throughout the campaign. 
“The second we were allowed to campaign, I established a campaign account and then got my posters approved as soon as I could,” Ramer said. “[I] started blasting it on social media by asking friends of mine to post it on theirs and getting people to follow mine so they can get more updates about the campaign in general.” 
Ramer also made sure that he was involved in KBEV’s new Zoom debates. This not only allowed his ideas to get heard, but it made him stand out because his opponent did not participate. 
“I was able to boost myself through that and give everyone an idea about who I was and why I wanted to be there and how I would be able to do what I wanted to do,” Ramer said. 
Head Row Treasurer rising junior Aidan Dayani believes that he won the election because he was the best candidate for the position and can be responsible for the tasks that the treasurer must carry out.
While Senior Vice President Kaayla Nehmadi ran unopposed, she credits her success to one-on-one outreach and texting her classmates. Sophomore Vice President Alix Bodden also ran unopposed. However, she was still happy to have maintained the support of the student body. 
“I think I’ve proved or at least aimed to prove that I [will] make a good ASB [representative] in the class this year,” Bodden said via text. “I think my grade knows that, so it may have helped me.” 
Bodden was “excited” when she found out she won, especially because she is looking forward to increasing school spirit once students return to school. 
“I think that with everything that has happened [these] last few months, the time when we do return to school is going to be very important for ASB,” Bodden said. “I can’t wait to bring back all the fun and school spirit next year once we’re all reunited.” 
Bodden has plans to increase school spirit through the use of “traditional events” and by encouraging cooperation from more students. 
“It’s just an incredible group of students,” Bodden said “I can’t wait to just give light to the student body and help the school feel somewhat ‘normal’ again.”
Ramer also is planning to focus on incorporating student voices into ASB. 
“One of the main things that I really want to get established is a more general student interaction with ASB because ASB represents the students at large, so I want to make sure that their voices are accurately represented and that people in ASB don’t do whatever they want,” Ramer said. 
In order to accomplish this, Ramer is going to work to add forums so that students can come with questions or suggestions directed to ASB. He also wants to make sure students can reach out to him via email or text if they want their ideas to be heard. 
Dayani is looking forward to making up for lost time. Throughout his tenure next year, one of his focuses will be rebuilding the school spirit.
“I’m hoping to come back and rebuild the community or school and make the student body more united than we were before the COVID-19,” Dayani said. “Next year I’m really hoping to improve the school spirit, especially with upperclassmen, because you can clearly see that as the year goes on the spirit [dwindles].”
With a strong focus on fundraising next year, Dayani suggests that the high school introduces a flea market where students or faculty can sell products that they either have made or have bought.
“They can sell it at lunch one day during school and [keep] half the proceeds,” Dayani said. “The seller can keep half the proceeds and ASB can keep the rest. We’re allowing students to sell their own stuff…a lot of students could benefit from this and ASB can also financially benefit.”
Similar to Dayani’s approach, Nehmadi also hopes to focus heavily on raising school spirit.
“I am excited to be able to have a part in what goes on and listen to those complaints and respond to them,” Nehmadi said. “I really want to make up for the time lost during this 2020 quarantine and make it as spirited as possible next year.”
Newman is planning to make this senior year “the best that it can be” through various types of senior bonding events including a senior bonfire.
“We are all on the same boat,” said Newman via text, about his plans for the senior class. Newman believes that his plans are an accurate reflection of his classmates’ wants.
Ramer’s focus is not just to allow for more student voice, but also to improve pre-existing events. He specifically is looking forward to working on the pep rallies, which he sees as still new and full of room for improvement.
“We still have a lot of things that we need to do to make sure that the [pep rallies are] great,” Ramer said. “Being a participant in watching pep rallies for the past year, I have some great ideas [for] how we can make them more engaging for the rest of the audience to make sure that the spirit is really boosted.” 
Jourabchi also looks forward to improving the pep rallies as well as working on other activities, such as spirit days and Valentine’s Day grams. 
When Jourabchi found out she won, she was “both surprised and ecstatic.” Newman is “very excited” to have the opportunity to serve as class president in ASB for the fourth year in a row. Nehmadi is also looking forward to serving as a voice for her classmates and to “have a role in making the year as fun as possible for everyone in [her] grade.”
 Ramer was also happy to have won, mostly because of his desire to give back to Beverly. 
[Finding out] I won…was a great feeling because I put a lot of work into it and I really wanted this position,” Ramer said. “I wanted to be able to help the rest of the student body in the school that had made my high school experience so great, and just finding out I will be able to do that was amazing.”