Sophomore James Lee scores the highest in AMC


Kevin Park, stass writer
On Feb. 20, 2013, students participated in American Mathematics Competition at Beverly Hills High School. Among participants, a sophomore James Lee dazzled his teachers and peers by achieving the highest score in school.
AMC is a competitive examination that challenges student’s mathematics skills, designed to spur students’ interest in mathematics. There are two versions of the test: AMC 10 for sophomores and AMC 12 for juniors and seniors. Both tests are comprised of 25 questions and have a time limit of 75 minutes.
Lee’s achievement include not only being in Calculus AB as a sophomore, but also outscoring juniors and seniors in AMC.
“I feel really great to pass the AMC with the highest score in our school. I actually did not expect to pass, so this is very surprising to me,” Lee said.
Lee’s AP Calculus AB teacher, Elaina Reilly, was thrilled to hear the news that her youngest AP Calculus student scored the highest in AMC.
“I am very proud of James. It’s an amazing job for a 10th grader to not only be in AP Calculus AB, but also score the highest in AMC. I wish him the best on the upcoming exams he’s planning to take,” Reilly said.
Lee also shared his story of preparation and motivation that drove him to achieve this goal.
“I took a AMC test last year, but I was disheartened by the fact that I did not pass. So I prepared for about three months, studying previous AMC problems to do well  for this year’s AMC. Now, I am very satisfied that I did,” Lee said.
The other component that fueled his achievement was Lee’s interest in mathematics.
“I like the idea of solving problems, getting challenged, and thinking outside the box in mathematics. AMC problems are not like typical textbook problems. They require a mathematical creativity, which I find really interesting,”
Lee, who is only a sophomore, is not sure about his future major and career. However, he is certain that now he has to focus on preparing for the upcoming exams.
“Now my number one goal now to prepare for the upcoming AP exam. This is going to be quite different from the AMC, and might be tougher,” Lee said.
Keeping his tradition, Lee has already planned to challenge the upper level AMC 12 next year.