Girls volleyball loses to Culver



Girls volleyball lost to Culver’s varsity team at a home game on Oct. 18. Even with the teams’ efforts throughout the game, they were unable to overcome their defeat.

During practice the day before the big game, the girls completed various exercises, both physical and mental.

“The day before the game we had a light and productive practice. At the end Coach Weiss did a imagery exercise to prepare us mentally and emotionally,” right hitter senior Natasha Kashani.

Although this method of using imagery to soothe their emotions seemed appropriate at the time, they showed lack of coordination on the court when Culver came down hard on their side of the court, racking up points throughout the game.

Powerful left hitter Liat Hackmann made an unreturnable hit setting the tone for the team in the first match of the game. The team’s power duo Hackmann and Alex Sams, blocked Culver’s strong left hitter, measuring six foot four inches. The team faced challenges with receiving strong and unyielding hits down the back court throughout the game. They seemed to face challenges when two players from Culver came into the front row to block. Within the first few plays Beverly had lost their most essential advantage, their serving rights, to Culver. They lost the first match 16-25

Kashani managed to keep the team somewhat within reach of a win up until the halfway point of the match. Setter Evan Bennett worked together with Kashani to get hits down the corner of the opposing side of the court towards Culver’s weaker side. They lost the second match 18-25.

The team continued this pattern through the third match and ended the game 17-25. The next home game is versus Inglewood on Oct. 22nd.