Boys soccer ties against Division II champions


Jessica Lu, spotlight editor
The boys varsity soccer team tied 0-0 with Warren High School in a preseason home game on Friday, Dec. 13. Goalkeeper Milton Joyner’s six saves kept the score even, leaving the Normans with a record of 2-3-1 in their preseason.
Coach Steve Rappaport believes that Beverly, a Division IV team, played well against Warren, the defending Division II Champions.
“I think we played a terrific game, [it was] probably our best performance of the year,” he said.
According to center defensive midfielder Daniel Kahn, the team was eager to play well after losing to Loyola 5-0 earlier that week.
“We were done sulking over our loss [to Loyola] and [we] came out hard and ready to play [against Warren],” Kahn said.
Midfielder Phinneas Bauer echoed Kahn’s statement and noted the tone of the contest.
“Each team really wanted to win and [the game] was super physical right from the start,” Bauer said.
The game was described mostly as “back and forth” with notable plays, as one would expect in a scoreless game, made mainly by the goalies.
Forward Ignacio Gonzalez had a free kick 40 yards from the goal, but the opposing goalie prevented a score in what Rappaport said was “an incredible save.”
Rappaport felt that his team’s strength was ball possession, particularly by the defensive and midfield players.
“Our strength [came in] our ability to move the ball and, defensively, [we held] control of the game,” he said.
Rappaport felt that, along with Bauer, midfielders Sean McAlister and Miguel Ramirez had strong games.
“I thought that our midfield play was approaching the level that I had hoped it would get to, and where it could be all year,” he said.
However, both Rappaport and Bauer agreed that their attack was the team’s weakness.
“We just couldn’t execute while in the final third of the field,” Bauer said. “I think [Warren’s] only problem lie in their finishing as well. Neither team could get the ball in the back of the net.”
Captain and defender Román Zaragoza felt that his team played well throughout the game.
“[The game] wasn’t too exciting but [it] was a very aggressive game and one in which our team played with heart,” Zaragoza said.
The boys is focused on finals and preparing for their next game against El Segundo, scheduled for today.