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Juniors Harper Flynn, Georgia Carlson and Kiki Hayles pose in their green outfits.

ASB holds St. Patrick’s Day event

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Chief March 28, 2023

On March 17, ASB held a St. Patrick’s Day event at lunch on the second floor patio. The event was filled with guessing games, scavenger hunts and so much green.    ASB passed out gold...

Junior Harper Flynn falls asleep during class. “It’s been really hard for me to focus in class and get work done,” Flynn said.

Students adjust to daylight savings

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Chief March 28, 2023

On Sunday, March 12, the clocks jumped forward an hour, causing everyone to lose an hour of sleep. This time change impacted students in their energy and productivity.    Junior Harper Flynn,...

Rihanna sings at the halftime show. Photo by The Rolling Stones.

Rihanna performs at 2023 Super Bowl halftime show

Kaia Lopez and Pariss Chami February 24, 2023

SUNDAY FEB 12-- Super Bowl LVII KC v Eagles reached halftime with a score of 24-14 (Eagles up) . As the players ran off the field, and the lights dimmed,a spotlight shined on Rihanna floating on a stage...

Patrick Mahomes raises the Super Bowl trophy after beating the Eagles. Photo from “”

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVII

Amir Mehrtash, Contributer February 18, 2023

SUNDAY FEB 12-- Super Bowl LVII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs was a game full of excitement and incredible football. The game ended with Kansas City beating Philadelphia by...

Sophomores Jurnee Burrell-Williams and Bao Dang take cover during the lockdown (staged). “We both kind of didn’t know [what to think],” Dang said. “They usually send drill messages before.”

Beverly placed on lockdown

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif February 15, 2023

WEDSNESDAY FEB 15--During third period, from 11:11 a.m. to 11:37 a.m., the alarm sounded and students were placed on lockdown protocol. The situation ended up being a false alarm.    Superintendent...

ASB hosts “Love is Blind,” where senior Saba Taheri finds her match.

ASB holds Valentine’s event at lunch

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif February 14, 2023

On Valentine’s Day--Tuesday, Feb. 14-- ASB held a lunch event on the second-floor patio to celebrate love, the Beverly way.    Throughout lunch, ASB members passed out candy and red beaded...

Harry Styles performs during his tour titled “Love On Tour.”

Harry Styles sparks controversy at 2023 Grammys

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif February 10, 2023

SUNDAY FEB 5 Los Angeles--Harry Styles won the Grammy award for “Album of the Year.” In his acceptance speech, Styles said, “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often.” The public now...

Car drives through pouring rain.

Students return from winter break to monstrosity

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif January 31, 2023

In the recent weeks, California has been experiencing an immense amount of rain that has caused flooding in certain areas. The floods and extreme wind killed at least 17 California residents.    While...

The cast of Abbott Elementary wins the “Musical or Comedy TV Series” award. Photo by Us Weekly.

2023 Golden Globes: a recap

Kaia Lopez and Kate Oller January 27, 2023

The Golden Globes award ceremony finally returned to normal. Due to Covid, the event was held (messily) via Zoom in 2021; controversy prevented the award show from being broadcasted to the public in 2022;...

Senior and Dance Company member Ori Cohen Raab hugs Albion Street student. “I wanted to cry, she was so cute,” Cohen Raab said. “I wish I could see her again.”

Seniors take trip to Albion St. Elementary

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif January 20, 2023

Friday, Dec. 2, the senior class took a field trip to Albion Elementary School to donate Beverly student-funded Christmas presents to the Albion students.    In the weeks leading up to the...

Argentinian players celebrate penalty shootout victory over the Netherlands.
Photo from The Telegraph

Chaos at FIFA World Cup 2022 : semi-final matchups set

Amir Mehrtash, Contributer December 15, 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has been nothing short of incredible since its kickoff on Nov. 20. Upsets, blowouts and intense finishes have been the theme of the tournament as it moves on to the semi-final...

Persian students’ connections to Iranian culture

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif November 22, 2022

TRANSCRIPT   [music]   SHAYDA: Hi, this is Beverly Highlights. I’m Shayda Dadvand, your Editor in Cheif. Episode three: In light of the uprisings in Iran currently being brought...

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