Students return from winter break to monstrosity


Shayda Dadvand

Car drives through pouring rain.

Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif

In the recent weeks, California has been experiencing an immense amount of rain that has caused flooding in certain areas. The floods and extreme wind killed at least 17 California residents. 


While the environmental havocs are less extreme in Los Angeles, the city is still experiencing back-to-back storms. 


The atmospheric river forms, moves over land and condenses into rainfall. (Shayda Dadvand)

What caused such a storm in seasonless, sunny Los Angeles? Answer: atmospheric river. 


As seen in the water cycle, water from the ocean evaporates and rises into the air, forming an atmospheric river. As this river hovers closer to the mountains, the cooler temperatures condense the water, and they fall as precipitation. 


An atmospheric river can be both helpful and harmful. The pros can balance/outweigh the cons depending on the category of the river. 




Categories of atmospheric rivers are ranked and described.
Information from: Atmospheric river rating system (Shayda Dadvand)

California has Category 3-4 atmospheric rivers hovering over it, and these rivers are pouring down now. As California has been in a drought for as long as its residents can remember, this rainfall does benefit the state by hindering the drought.


Beverly Hills has definitely gotten the lesser consequences of the bunch, so thankfully the students here are safe.