Joseph Isaac’s life-changing roadtrip


Joseph Isaac in New York City. Photo courtesy of Joseph Isaac.

Theron Herd, Cub Writer
A person’s earliest memories are not always pleasant ones, some of them may even be life changing, like in the case of Spanish teacher Joseph Isaac.
“My childhood was nice but scary…” Isaac said.
When he was a small child, his parents had decided to take him and the rest of his family on a roadtrip.
Isaac recalls, “While my father was driving a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser Safari, an 18 wheeler [truck] was speeding in front of my family’s car. There was a rock on the freeway, and one of the tires of the eighteen wheeler went over the rock that doomed our road-trip.”
The massive tire went over the rock and threw it through the air, shattering their windshield window. The rock hit the right side of Isaac’s oldest sister, paralyzing her left arm for months afterward.
“Our road-trip ended at the hospital, and after many different surgeries and physical therapies, my sister survived. To this day, my sister Faye, can not use her left hand (palm) because her fingers are paralyzed,” Isaac explained.
The person who drove the 18 wheeler truck never stopped, because he was never aware of what happened. Since he kept driving, he was never caught.
Isaac describes, “I was sleeping in my sister’s lap when the accident took place. I woke up crying and covered in her own blood. She shielded me from the rock; she protected me.”
Faye can still not use her left fingers.
“My parents never got over it, and for more than three decades… we never took a road-trip again. …Three years ago, my family finally decided to go on a road trip from San Diego to Las Vegas. We made it safely,” Isaac said.
Zack Freud, a freshman currently enrolled in a class that Isaac teaches, said, “It shows that he loves his family a lot and this reflects his personality.”