Coachella’s second weekend has few new surprises


Zachary Fouladian, Staff Writer
Many students took advantage of spring break coinciding with Coachella’s first weekend, but some went the music festival’s second weekend, April 20 to 22. All in all, Coachella’s second weekend was much like the first, only hotter and more populated.
One of the similarities was the recreation of the Tupac hologram. Some students had hoped for a different artist, for the surprise factor to continue into the second weekend. But Tupac emerged on the stage again, and though there wasn’t a pleasant shock for the second weekers, the experience was still unforgettable.
Junior David Javidzad enjoyed his second-week experience. His personal favorites were Calvin Harris, Swedish House, and Dada Life (the last because he managed to get up front), but there weren’t many bad parts for Javidzad.

One performance he didn’t like, though, was The Weekend. “Everyone didn’t like it,” Javidzad said. “The music was louder than the microphone.”

Javidzad confirmed that there were many people and that the heat was intense, but there were people with misters to spray water, and that the size of the crowd “the way it was supposed to be. Without that, it wouldn’t live up to its theme.”
Javidzad recommended next year’s Coachella-goers bring extra money, since bringing water or food isn’t allowed. He spent $40 on water and churros each. Javidzad also recommends the waffle ice cream sandwich and the French fries, mentioning them with a grunt of satisfaction. Lastly, Javidzad warns next year’s attendees that “if you’re not prepared to get wet, you won’t have fun.” So to those already waiting to grab Coachella 2013 tickets, be ready for sweating in the heat and being sprayed with water, as they’re both part of the festival’s package experience.