Netflix reigns supreme



Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer

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With the development of tablets and other portable devices, television companies have come out with their own on-demand viewing programs such as HBOGo, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and others. However, Netflix still remains supreme.

Netflix has hundreds of different television shows and movies of many different genres. There are classic films to romantic comedies to action to foreign films. However, it is not hard to sift through the many genres to find the ones you want to watch. Netflix is able to be manipulated to cater to your specific wants, all you have to do is click on the types of entertainment you enjoy. These settings can be changed at any time. Besides asking for your personal choices, Netflix has you rate the program you just watched in order to show you more movies that you would enjoy.

Netflix is also accessible on multiple devices. You can watch it on your iPad, Xbox 360, any tablet, as well as on your computer. On each of the devices, the layout is nearly identical, so you don’t have to try to relearn how to view your favorite shows every time you get a new device.

Another great element of Netflix is the ability to choose between instant viewing and DVDs. Netflix has many of the popular shows on both DVD and instantly so that you have the ability to choose between waiting for the DVD to arrive in a couple of days, or watching it when you feel like.

Netflix is also very user friendly. It is easy to add or delete the items on your queue enabling you to find that film you had recently added very quickly. You can also change both the instant queue and the mail order queue at the same time because they are adjacent to each other.

While something might be great, nothing is perfect, including Netflix.  For the most part, there are very few problems with Netflix.While there are hundreds of shows and movies to choose from, they are not always the most recent pieces. Netflix needs to add more programs to their instant-viewer. Despite these minor flaws, Netflix is far superior to the rest.

Netflix is available for a monthly charge of $16 and signing up is easy, just click here.