Girls lacrosse lose to Samo


Veronica Pahomova cartoonist
On Wednesday April 15, the varsity girls lacrosse team competed against Samo, their rival team, at 4:30 p.m. After two hours of incessant checking, cutting, and feeding the crease, the Samo players sat back on their bus, victorious from their win.
Scoring three times as much as us, Samo won with an ending score of 12 to 4. Fifteen minutes into the first quarter, we were already down by three.
The players blame their loss on their lack of effort throughout the same. Based on the thoughts of the team- and the scoreboard- 110 percent was not given.
“To improve for the next game, we can focus more at practice and take practice and the games more seriously,” said varsity player Brittany Mathalon. “I think Samo beat us today because we weren’t trying and we didn’t care.”
The team is hoping to continue practicing and improving by the time the next game against Samo comes up, and hopefully redeem in a winning comeback.