New up and coming KBEV show ‘High School Horror Stories’ debuts soon


Photo Courtesy of: BENNETT GERSHWIN


Natasha Dardashti staff writer
In his first year with KBEV, junior Bennett Gershwin has created a show soon to appear on the student run television channel as well as his own YouTube channel. The show is called ‘High School Horror Stories’, and centers around past and present Beverly students coming together to share embarrassing stories.
“Everyone has embarrassing stories from high school, and I thought this would be a fun format for people to tell those stories because everyone loves talking about embarrassing moments long after they’ve happened. It’s more of a show for people who have already graduated high school so that they can come back and tell the story to current high schoolers as cautionary tales. But it’s also open to current high schoolers,” Gershwin said.
Most of Gershwin’s guests are limited to people his friends, but he hopes to expand it beyond that if the show picks up speed. But one of Gershwin’s most recent guests, Aurora Hamner, told a story that particularly stuck out to him.
“Well, I had Aurora Hamner on my first episode. She told a story not from her perspective, but from a friend’s perspective. [It was] about some girl who, during a 9/11 moment of silence, just stood up and started screaming as loud as possible because she’s not American. That was her justification. She just stood up and screamed ‘I’m not American, I don’t have to stay silent,’” Gershwin said.
Though he is the recurring interviewer in the show, Gershwin insists the show isn’t truly about him.
“The show isn’t really about me. It’s always about the guest, and I’m just kind of there as an outlet for the guest to tell their story,” Gershwin said.