Upcoming ASB elections to feature first live debates


Jamie Kim co-editor-in-chief
For the first time in recent years, students running for a position in the Associated Student Body (ASB) will have to partake in a moderated debate, which will be live-streamed by KBEV.
The current student government decided to implement this change in the hopes of increasing student engagement with the elections.
“We wanted a way for the student body to hear the views, experience and goals of each candidate in the election. We don’t have an assembly, yet alone a way for students to actually know who is running and representing them. I want everybody to know all the information to make the best decision in order to better the school,” Headrow President Maia Yosef said. “These debates are the first step toward a democratic election that is actually taken seriously at Beverly.”
Yosef added that the idea of having moderated debates has been in the works for quite some time.
“The moderated debates were talked about with heads of KBEV, Highlights and ASB for a while, and I’m so happy it’s finally happening,” Yosef said.
With the goal of making all candidates and their platforms more visible, Noah Danesh, the co-producer of KBEV, will allow anyone to follow along with the debates as the studio audience or through live-stream. The debates will be available on KBEV Channel 6 Spectrum and at kbev6.com/debate, and will also be archived on KBEV’s YouTube channel.
“I hope these debates will help increase transparency and accountability on our student government. These debates will be an opportunity for our student body to learn more about the candidates for ASB and make more informed decisions when voting,” Danesh said. “I also hope that these debates further push new ways that students communicate with ASB, Highlights and KBEV.”
Junior James Jung concurs with Danesh, believing that the debates will make the election process fairer.
“Before, voting was more based on the candidate’s popularity, so I think that if the students take this opportunity to go watch the live debates, the voting process will become more democratic,” Jung said. “I’m really for this new change, and I hope other students notice this too.”
Complete bios of each candidate will be posted on beverlyhighlights.com soon.
Students are welcome to attend the debates during lunch at the KBEV room on the following dates:
Monday, April 23: Sophomore debate
Tuesday, April 24: Junior debate
Wednesday, April 25: Senior debate
Friday, April 27: Head Row debate