Review: “Captain Marvel” shows off exciting character in a dull manner



Jude Binkley staff writer
From the moment her insignia appeared on Nick Fury’s pager at the end of “Infinity War”, fans have been anxiously waiting for the debut of “Captain Marvel”. The 21st installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe jumps back to the 90s to give us the needed origin story of Carol Danvers before her most likely integral appearance in “Avengers: Endgame” next month.
The biggest comparison to this movie anyone can make is to DC’s “Wonder Woman; and for the first time, DC’s film wins between the two female-led origin stories.
This movie felt like a Stage One Marvel movie, and not as flushed out and developed as recent installments into the largest movie series in the world. The plot was very by-the-book and it had little tension. Tension is always needed in superhero films due to how it gives characters meaning, and something to fight for. It even lacked that style seen with recent Marvel movies, the way Thor: Ragnarok feels like a unique experience and style compared to other titles that are put out by Marvel Studios. The closest we got to having a distinct style was having constant 90s references (yes, we get it, Blockbuster is nostalgic) and one-liners. And although it is apparent Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson), aka Captain Marvel, will be the most powerful Marvel hero in “Endgame”, it never felt like the stakes were high.
That brings up the biggest shortcoming this movie had – Carol Danvers didn’t feel special or energetic. She didn’t have the glow we see from every other character in the Marvel films. This blame shouldn’t be placed on Brie Larson, but it felt as like she was too stoic, even for a soldier. This character can absolutely rise and get more fleshed out in future installments, and audiences could see something like what happened with Doctor Strange where it took an extra movie to find his footing. Regardless, Captain Marvel still has the potential to become one of the most loved heroes due to everything she represents.
One of the movie’s biggest strengths was that there was an extremely strong supporting cast. The most entertaining being a cat that follows Danvers and Fury throughout the movie. Ben Mendelsohn plays Talos well, and is able to bring in some much needed comedic elements into the movie. Samuel L. Jackson does great playing a younger Nick Furry, with the most impressive de-aging CGI that’s ever been seen. There was a strong chemistry between Larson and Jackson, and the whole middle act of the movie played out as a buddy-cop film, although it felt like this was when the plot began to sag. There was also a twist in this movie that was pulled off very well that completely deviates from the comics in an interesting way. It was done well and was unexpected while still being believable for fans.
Overall this movie was an extremely mediocre Marvel movie – which still makes it an above average movie. The movie has had success in the box office and is on its way to braking one billion dollars at the box office. It will be interesting to see if fans are still talking about this movie in a month or if it will be completely overshadowed by “Endgame”. Overall this movie a 6.5/10, as it is not a good Marvel movie, but not a bad one either. It still has great entertainment value and it is an easy movie to recommend to anyone who is interested in the genre.