Living life to the fullest one day at a time



Candice Anvari cub writer
Vibrant colors of yellow, green, blue and red. Putting a pen to paper or just typing away for hours at a time, Joseph Isaac is an enthusiast for activities that will keep him calm and happy aside from his love for teaching Spanish.
Isaac has a love for art and writing. He spends his time after work exploring his passions and tries to be the happiest version of himself he can be.
His love for art began at a young age in the home of his parents.
“I grew up in a household where my parents loved art so I was always surrounded by it. But I wasn’t interested in it until college. In college, I was walking in the main area and I saw a Picasso poster that showed a woman at peace, with her head bent and her eyes closed,” Isaac said. “The poster made me feel emotions of peace and wonder and that was what got me interested in interpreting art. Now, the halls in my house are full of art. I like collect all forms of art. I escape myself when I look at the art that I have in my house.”  
In addition to art, Isaac has a passion for writing and expressing his emotions through his work.
“I like to write because I think my writing is funny and it’s a comedy for me. It’s a relief…of whatever I’m doing or whatever I’m going through. Whether I am happy or sad, or just want to reflect on something, I always want to be able to find a joke in all of it, because I can’t really take everything as serious as it is,” Isaac said.
Writing has helped Isaac look at and understand life in a different, more meaningful way.
“It’s not good to live life so sad all the time. People who are sad just need to find something that makes them feel a different way, for me writing makes me feel in a different way. So for me, it started as being funny and comedic and later it helped me look at things in a more philosophical way,” Isaac said. “Writing is a challenge, but it is a challenge that I love.”
Isaac is the type of person who likes to do the things he loves outside of school during his personal time.  
“My social life is me driving my car and going to the department store because I like to look at things. People are nice, I like to talk to people, but sometimes…my social life at this point is kept in the quiet and just to look at things and take things as I see them. I find passion in observing,”Isaac said.  
Isaac does not have a specific passion, but he has a broad-ranging passion.
“Passion is life…you have to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it, whether that’s by traveling or reading. I find passion in being nice and by being nice to myself and treat myself kindly. Once I learned how to treat myself with respect, it was easy for me to find a passion in treating others with respect. I also am very passionate about spending time with my family. I love seeing my sister, my nieces, my nephews, and my dad. I really love them all and they make my life better,” Isaac said.
Isaac’s positive nature and good attitude are apparent to his students as well.
“He is such a fun person to be around and my spirits get lifted when I am in his colorful class. I enjoy learning Spanish with him as the teacher because even though it’s Spanish class, I am also learning important life lessons from him that’ll stick with me even after high school,” sophomore Erika Butler said.