CIF announces that sports will not be returning


Photo by: Gaby Doyle


Karely Molina Martinez Staff writer  
Benji Maman staff writer
The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) recently announced that sport practices will not resume, causing the athletic department to shut down all on-campus athletic practices.
With only two seasons and no championship games athletes like junior Kate Chung feel bad that her team “worked hard during conditioning classes” and will no longer have a season. 
“I just feel like it’s a shame that even though soccer is a fun activity I do at school it was cancelled due to COVID,” Chung said. 
Senior Natasha Melamed, who participates on the varsity basketball and swim team, is disappointed that she missed out on playing with her team for her last year. 
“Obviously I’m extremely sad that sports are being cancelled this semester as I really miss my teammates and competing. Especially as a senior, I was really looking forward to this year. I know that the staff is doing everything they can at the moment to keep us safe, so I’m just looking forward to when L.A. guidelines let us go back and play,” Melamed said. 
Co-captain of the football team senior Max Menache feels that his plan for the team does not change and that the team will continue to push their training as if they were training for a championship. 
“We’re going to keep working hard and keep pushing ourselves. Our goal is to win every game we have, regardless of how many games we have. We’re trying to go undefeated. It really doesn’t change anything for us. At least for me, I’m just grateful to play a single game. At this point I just want to play one game, that’s all I’m asking for. Anything after that is just extra for me,” Menache said. 
Although extremely eager to return back to school, Menache is understanding of the CIF’s announcement to postpone sports practices. 
“I got to thinking about the other sports and it sucks, it really sucks. It takes away the opportunity for many kids who are desperate to just get out there and play their sports,” Menache said. “All we can do is show up to our [online] practices and hope for the best. We have to follow all the rules given to us and hopefully as time goes on, we are able to do more. Going back to tryouts, it’s not surprising that they postponed them. I mean we’re not in a great situation. Hopefully by next semester it will get better,” Menache said. 
Student athletes continue to be hopeful and positive through such a difficult situation. Despite the cancellation of in-person practices, senior Sara Schwartz is optimistic that once she returns back to school, she will be prepared for the season. 
“It’s very upsetting that sports aren’t coming back, especially during my senior year, but I understand we need to take as many safety precautions as possible to ensure the health of others. Although COVID cases are spiking right now, I am still hopeful about having a season throughout second semester,” she said.. COVID might be saying high school sports are over, but my optimism is saying another. I personally play on varsity soccer for the high school, and we have been training as much as one can through zoom. Our coaches have been amazing examples for our team to not give up hope and keep pushing to be fit for our season. We all can’t wait to be back out there.”