Brian Song moves up the rankings


Courtesy of Hye Song


Pasha Farmanara, Web Co-Editor-in-Chief

It is the last hole, and after four days of golfing and almost five hours into his round, it all comes down to this. He just walked two and a half miles over hilly terrain with a 35 pound golf bag on his back. Even though he has many aches and pains, he must execute the shot with extreme precision. This is a typical weekend for Song.

Song has played golf his entire high school career, and recently got a scholarship to go to San Diego State University. This season he is the captain of the golf team, hoping to lead the team to a CIF championship.

Song usually spends four to five hours a day at the golf course, allowing him to start homework around seven o’clock.

“Golf definitely gets into the way of school, but I have managed to learn how to divide my time between golf, school, and friends,” he said

Song has played for the Beverly Hills Golf Team his freshman, sophomore and junior year, and is planning on also playing his senior year. Over the years Song has developed a strong relationship with Coach Jason Newman, the coach of the golf team.

Newman said, “I think he is  a nice young man, I admire what he brought to the team. He gave up some things to be able to play on the team so I have a lot respect for him.”

“Even though Coach can be scary at times, he is a great role model. He tells you want is on his mind, yells at you, but at the same time you know that he cares for you,” Song said. Over their three an a half years together so far Newman has learned to trust Song, and learned about his great abilities.

During Song’s three seasons on the golf team, he has been the top player for every single year. As a freshman he would constantly beat upperclassmen, and even most adults. “It was sometimes a little weird when I would beat everyone who was older than I was, but at the same time it was fun to be able to compete with the older guys,” he said.

This January Song won a tournament to kick of his year, blowing away the field by five strokes. He said, “I was happy that my work had finally paid off and it felt good to win the first tournament of the year.”

Song decided he will be attending San Diego State University next year after having earned a scholarship. It is only a partial scholarship, but golf scholarships are very hard to earn.

“Golf is very competitive nowadays, and I’m very lucky to have received a scholarship. I’m really looking forward to going to San Diego and play for the team, although leaving home is very scary,” he explained.

Song is not sure what he will study, but he is looking forward to finding his second passion, in addition to golf.

“I don’t know what I want to major in, but for now I am going to explore all of the different fields, but also concentrate more on golf. I am hoping to maybe turn golf into a career,” Song said.

Coach Newman has had many great golfers in the past, and feels like Brian is one of the best, “The future will tell where he will compare, because those guys went and played in college. He is right up there and I’m looking forward to see how he does in college,” Newman said.

When Song was asked about his future golf career he said, “I really don’t have any expectations. I want to go into the school, and see what I have to do to be the best that I can. Hopefully I will achieve all of my goals, but until I get into the swing of things I won’t be able to tell.”

Although Song is entering a fiercely competitive level, he knows that he cannot let the pressure of competition get to his head.

“I know that I want to go and play very well, but if I don’t like my team mates and fellow peers, I will truly second guess my decision,” he said.

All golfers agree that the sport contains certain traits that other just cannot give. Arnold Palmer said it best “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening, and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”